The Post That Didn’t Make It

Since some here want to accuse me of all manner of impropriety with children, specifically boys, I will now show everyone why that is so. This won’t be above your pay scale, this is really simple.
This is one such message I received, and I think the ‘person’ who gave the me the ‘you’re banned’ message must have let it though so Amy here could leave his/her not quite intelligent comment, the caliber of which you can get used to if you regularly take part in “Debate This”

amy da bitch

So now you know why XXY boys rarely get diagnosed before adulthood, this is the type of fear non erotic sex information receives from ignorant people.
Boys usually have testicles in their scrotum at birth. Testicles grow throughout childhood and at puberty they massively increase in size, as the diagram below shows.

Testicles grow in puberty as they produce more and more testosterone, which is caused by increasing levels of a hormone called Leutenising Hormone, which is made in the Pituitary gland in the brain.

Some boys’ testes don’t grow and puberty does not begin and they can have a disease called Kallmann syndrome. If your boy gets to 14 and has not started puberty, take him to a doctor and insist on LH and FSH hormone level checks. Girls can have Kallmann syndrome too. The most obvious sign for all people with the most common form of Kallmann syndrome is anosmia, no sense of smell.

Like most other boys XXY boys start puberty sometime about age 11. Their testes do grow in response to LH from their brain, however soon after puberty’s onset their testicles atrophy, they shrink, severely, back to childhood size or less. This is caused by a disease called seminiferous tubule dysgenesis.

Whether you think your sons and daughters are progressing through puberty properly or not, I think it is important to have all teenage boys and girls examined by a doctor to make certain everything is progressing as it should.

A teenage boy with atrophied testes will not notice, nor will anyone else, as this is about sex, and sex is frowned upon by society at large. In fact I read just recently how a 16 year old teenage boy died of testicular cancer because he was taught to be ashamed of his body, in my opinion.

Is there any mature person here who wishes to have an adult discussion about any of the topics I have raised?


Debating Group?

Masturbating group more like!

Edit added 6 August 2013
Received just now, 2:40pm New Zealand time. You can of course read that I named nobody, nor did I name the group itself, but when dealing with a bully group this is what you can expect:

“Michelle Milenko
You have been removed from Debate This for a violation of the rules. DT has found that your blog about Jess Rawk’s College Fund was uncalled for and rude. The rule that clearly states “what happens on DT, Stays on DT” was violated. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

They don’t have a rule about bullying, they sell the right to bully people into submission. I believe they are children playing games.


Yes I found a group on Facebook that is designed for debating, that’s the idea you get when you look into it. Of course there are rules for the group, that everybody’s supposed to abide by, and of course not all groups run smoothly.

However this particular group I found has a secret rule – SECRET RULE! How can a group have a secret rule that is not discovered until you exercise a right all Facebook participants have, the right to block bullies and thugs. In the public rules you’re not allowed to block the Administrators of the Group, that seems fair enough, provided they don’t become bullies and thugs.

Ahh but the secret rule allows the Administrators to become just that, bullies by proxy. Yeah brilliant I suppose, if you’re bullies or thugs, or American’s or whatever! So in this ‘debating club’ one of the Administrators sold the right to bully other ‘debaters’ whenever he feels the need, which tends to be when the owner of the permission, called a ‘kick card’, chooses to exercise it, such as when the bully deliberately assassinates a debate by posting numerous pornographic images into a thread. Everybody participating has to just go along with this behaviour, and is forced to view pornography or anything else the bully wants to push people round with.

The Administrators do absolutely nothing of course, they’ve already tied their own hands behind their back by selling the thug the right to do this. Even if they don’t like it, they can do nothing about it, officially.

If you happen to be the originator of the thread and you can’t stop him from being disruptive like an out of control child, with untreated AD/HD, in a primary school class room, you can of course block him in the real Facebook world. It’s desperate action for a desperate situation, that was foisted upon one by an outright total fool, and a diabolically stupid, money inspired, decision.

The only reason such a fool would even attempt such a stupid act can be that he knows, or is fairly certain, he can’t be disciplined by any rule, or Administrator, officially. He will continue to be a complete total arsehole, as he bought the right to be a complete total arsehole!

Then when you do take the only course of action open, to ensure debate continues, the arsehole invokes his secret right that was purchased. The right to have the person who blocked him thrown out of the group, why it is called a ‘kick card.’

Today I discover that the thug has been banned from Facebook for 30 days. Another poster, who may be an Administrator, I have no idea, declared he was reported for something. This person knows a lot but doesn’t know the reason for the banning, which is odd as he claims to know who did the reporting, and has named that person. I can’t understand how someone who is not an Administrator can know that someone has been banned, and who reported him, but not the reason for the complaint.

I conclude the Administrators made the complaint, as they regret the power they sold to the thug and have finally realised the error they have made. They can’t possibly admit they were the ones who made the complaint as their own rules state posts cannot be reported, another gross error of judgement.

Time will be the judge of whether these people have learned how to properly run a Debating Group. It may be interesting to simply sit back and watch, provided of course that I’m not banned by another thug exercising a ‘kick card’ that was purchased?

A Message for Chloe Prince

See here:

FSH, LH, AMH, and inhibin B levels were normal in prepubertal patients and became abnormal from midpuberty.

That statistic refers to 100% of the patients in the report, of 98 individuals with Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy including at least 1 Y chromosome, aka males with Klinefelter’s syndrome, titled “Clinical Presentation of Klinefelter’s Syndrome: Differences According to Age.”

All the patients were sent to a pediatric or adult Endocrinologist because of various symptoms, including these:


The age distribution of all patients were:


The karyotypes found in the 98 patients studied were:


All patients showed signs of Klinefelter’s syndrome from mid puberty and all patients were, and are, infertile.

Chloe Prince claims to have been diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome as a result of Anaphylaxis a symptom not reported here. She also claim to be the genetic father of her two children.

I think Chloe Prince should make herself available for scientific evaluation, or at least her medical records available, so we all can gain a better understanding of how initial signs of Klinefelter’s syndrome can develop in an adult male, with gender dysphoria.

The Latest I can Find

For all those wallies out there, especially Australian and American wallies, who never look therefore never find, updated information, or statistical data about 47XXY/Klinefelter’s syndrome. So next time Hida Viloria wants to make an ass of herself, by repeating unverified crap from her uneducated colleagues, she can come here first and have a decent read of the latest I can find, that a lay person can easily read and understand, the exact reason why NZKA & NZSCS existed, Michael Noble:

Copyright © 2012 N´estor Pacenza et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Clinical Presentation of Klinefelter’s Syndrome: Differences According to Age

The aim of the study was to establish the characteristics of presentation of 94 patients with Kinelfelter’s syndrome (KS) referred to the endocrinologist at different ages. The diagnosis of KS was more frequent in the age group between 11 and 20 years (46.8%).

Most of the patients (83.7%) showed the classic 47,XXY karyotype and 7.1% showed a 47,XXY/46,XY mosaicism. Half of the patients younger than 18 years presented mild neurodevelopmental disorders. The most frequent clinical findings were cryptorchidism in prepubertal patients, and small testes, cryptorchidism, and gynecomastia in pubertal patients.

FSH, LH, AMH, and inhibin B levels were normal in prepubertal patients and became abnormal from midpuberty. Most adults were referred for small testes, infertility, and gynecomastia; 43.6% had sexual dysfunction. Testosterone levels were low in 45%.

Mean stature was above the 50th percentile, and 62.5% had BMI ≥ 25.0 kg/m2. In conclusion, the diagnosis of Klinefelter syndrome seems to be made earlier nowadays probably because pediatricians are more aware that boys and adolescents with neuro-developmental disorders and cryptorchidism are at increased risk.

The increasing use of prenatal diagnosis has also decreased the mean age at diagnosis and allowed to get insight into the evolution of previously undiagnosed cases, which probably represent the mildest forms. In adults average height and weight are slightly higher than those in the normal population. Bone mineral density is mildly affected, more at the spine than at the femoral neck level, in less than half of cases.

Just from a brief reading, skimming through it, I see that the patients with small penis overall was about 16%, contrasting favourably with the Ratcliffe report at 23%. The more patients found and studied the the lower the percentage of those with small penis are discovered. I expect even larger studies to report a similar trend.

It’s best guys that you don’t measure your penis size on the basis of published information. I notice one particular XXY idiot made a video about a site that said effectively we all had a small penis, Milton Diamond’s rubbish. Then reported a couple of years later that same information, as if it applied to him, and was relevant to all of us.

If you don’t understand anything, print this document out from the link provided in the copyright notice, take it your doctors and say these words “What does this mean?” I’ve used this process many times myself and it works a treat!

I can find plenty of information here to complain about, but don’t do that, sift out the good stuff. The first good stuff is, this report exists. Then there’s, you can copy it for free. Then you can repeat confidently – “Ongoing research continues into XXY / Klinefelter’s syndrome to improve our understanding.”

And all those above mentioned wallies can shut the f**k up!

Good day.

Not Uncommon

I just wrote a post to somewhere, to a group of people, but I think it’s worth posting here too:


I think what most people fail to consider in their determinations on how things happen and why is the most basic start point. We all need to remember we are dealing with a life long disease.

How did you feel when you first found out?

Can you remember?

I can remember being different, always, in everything. The diagnosis for me was just another nail in the coffin.

Do you recall going to doctors saying ‘there’s something wrong, there’s something wrong, there’s something wrong, and hearing back ‘it’s nothing you’re ok, it’s nothing you’re ok, it’s nothing you’re ok?’

Maybe you can recall instances of when you should have been diagnosed and weren’t? Maybe that happened many times?

Do you remember the frustration of being told nothing sensible?

Do you remember being treated like an imbecile? This information is far too devastating, serious, complicated, for a mere patient to understand! You must be kept in the dark, you might even imagine the disease is much more serious than it is, if you’re told anything.

What does all this cause, all this stuff that goes on around your diagnosis?

What about when you remember those times, what emotions do you feel?

Have you known a close relative who has died, or a close friend? How did you feel when you discovered your loss? What is that called?

That’s called ‘GRIEF’ isn’t it, I’m sure it is. The grief of the loss is very powerful, your mood might even change, you might very sad, cry, maybe even be inconsolable for a time. And as time passes that grief fades and life continues.

But when you’re diagnosed with a life long disease, your grief remains. You remember all those difficult times associated with your diagnosis, and you feel it again, and again, and again. Regardless of how much you know, and I know, the grief remains.

If only it can be forgotten about, just do whatever you need to do and never consider it. That would be easy if it were possible to never need therapy. But by the end of the regime you’re on, you remember it all over again. And your mood might change, it might be so regular that you don’t even know why anymore, this is life the way you know it. My life is the only one I’ve had, other people must be the same as me, they must be re-experiencing that initial diagnosis and the emotions surrounding it, over and over again.

I can be going about my work and thought just pops into my mind of a long lost relative, and I feel the grief of that loss, just for a moment, then it passes. But this disease is a constant, and I remember the emotions associated with it regularly, and I feel the grief again. My mood might change, just for a moment, maybe a bit longer, and life goes on.

When I don’t have my therapy properly I experience another grief. It’s called tiredness. Yeah I get very tired when I don’t maintain my dose. When I was taking Panteston Capsules I mapped my dosage very carefully for a month, taking careful notes of when I took my medication. Over a month I’d miss a third of all doses. I was tired a lot, and I was very moody, and irritable, and tired. And all the guys I hung around with at work, they had much more energy than me, and I couldn’t keep up. They’d encourage me to go to gym, and weight lift, but it’s just too hard to explain, constantly why I’m not that get up and go-ish.

All these things add to grief, that elusive emotion that sweeps in like a mist as if there was no cause, but there is, and I need to recognise it. I think you do too.


Australia 1988

A year is a long time, it’s 52 weeks, remember. I must have seen John before 1989 as I went to Australia in 1988, to live, forever. Forever isn’t very long at all. The maximum length of script for Panteston I could get was 6 months, so that’s what I got. I also got a letter of introduction for specialist care.

After I got my Redundancy in 1987, hardly worth the effort I put in to that company, I made Head Boards for Waterbeds. I had my own division I built from me to a staff of 6 I think? I suppose my employer noticed I was the right stuff to train. They were good to me, they were excellent employers. I was just pissed off I lost my job for reasons beyond my control. They relocated to Auckland and my last task was to train my replacement. My employer had 2 factories and they were shutting down their Wellington branch, so they had all the people they needed.


1988 was Australia’s Bi-Centenary year, celebrated in September I think? I was on the Gold Coast by then in a bar with my uncles, that’s why I went to Brisbane I had family there. If I’d gone to Sydney I might have survived longer, but it was all going to fall apart anyway. I was ‘gun shy’ by then of all doctors.

I had my letter of introduction from John, I had my 6 month supply of Panteston, but there was an unforeseen problem. My Endocrinologists letter was worthless, fuckit! I saw a Brisbane doctor for a new script at about 7 months. I was never any good at taking them all, on time, so I had a few leftovers after 6 months. The doctor I saw was nice enough, he didn’t examine me, thank god! This was working out just as I had planned it would. Well it was until I tried to get my prescription filled at the chemist. The pharmacist said “What is your authorisation number?” Authorisation number! What authorisation number!!!!!!!!!!!!

I paid that bloody GP good money for that script, and he KNEW, he must have known, it was worthless! I had to see an Australian Endocrinologist to get officially recognised as being entitled to receive my medication. Bugger. I went back to that bloody doctor and explained my problem and he just said “This is not a big concern, I’ll refer you to a local Endocrinologist.”

Yeah right!

I almost got there too. I rallied myself up to get there on time, to the right ward, I almost entered but I knew what was going to happen, and I’d had enough. I can do this without medication. That was my brilliant decision. When you’re hypogonadal you should not make decisions, they’re bound to be bloody dumb!

Australians are great people, if you go there to retire, with your New Zealand Pension, or for a holiday, but to live there you have to have a type of personality that wasn’t my type. I was ok whilst I had enough testosterone, but when I was buying ‘black market’ old stock from creepy characters, in back alley’s of the seedy side of Brisbane, Australians get real racist! They hate New Zealanders who work there. It’s a tangible hatred, you can feel it! I noticed it before my testosterone ran out, but after my irritability level just sky-rocketed! I was lucky I didn’t get arrested and deported! It wasn’t like I was abiding by the laws after all. I was buying steroids illegally! Of course there’s a lot of crap in the media about steroids, and the Australian media, they invent stories.

I ended up selling almost everything I had accumulated. I like to live comfortably, even now. I like ‘mod cons.’ I moved down to Sydney, the people there are much more cosmopolitan, I discovered. Even by other Australians Brisbane is described as a ‘big country town’ jam packed full of narrow minded racists! If you want to find a bigoted society go no further than Brisbane, you’ll love it! Just don’t be black, Aborigine, Kiwi, British, Japanese, Pacific Islander (any island) that’s to live there, visiting’s just fine, they’re more than happy to smile at you whilst they take your money!

I got job at an upholstery factory with all sorts of other immigrants. The employers in Brisbane were good to me too, they paid good money for my services. It’s the everyday people who can’t control their over zealous pride, that would be the best, most favourable, description of them. But in Sydney I was just one of millions of different speaking people. The Australians in Sydney are pretty hard to find, in the areas I lived and worked. New Zealanders sound different to Australians, and they notice it, we do too. They sound ignorant and uneducated to us!

Leaving Brisbane not that great an idea, really. I had my unreliable supply, but in Sydney I had nothing. Initially I lived in ‘Kings Cross’ at the time it was Sydney’s ‘red light district’ it may well still be today? They had a mono-rail passed over the top of it, or quite near it. It was like you could shop for a prostitute (or whatever else you wanted) from the comfort of an air conditioned, glass lined, cabin. That was pretty modern! The ‘room’ I lived in was initially shared with 1 other person, then more and more beds just arrived and by the time I left, and moved to Redfern, I think, there were 8 people living in there, including an American Vietnam Veteran. He was a damn pain in the arse, all he ever did was get drunk, throw up, sleep and piss himself!

If I wanted a room on my own I had to provide ‘services’ to the Manager, and plenty of people did, there was just some ‘work’ I won’t do! This is when I knew I had to get testosterone therapy back. The Manager wouldn’t have found me very helpful, I was completely impotent by then.

It was all my effort just to stay awake for an 8 hour day, and I could never do overtime, and there was plenty on offer. I could have done the same in that factory as I did in Petone, if I had the strength? It didn’t bother me doing the mind numbing slog, to advance. It’s all good stuff for an employer, they can see I’m keen, and they want to pay me more. Then they want more, and I want more, and it’s a snowballing upward effect, usually.

Occasionally I do that and it comes to grief, I’m just being used and getting nothing tangible in return, but that’s life! Males are renowned for taking risks, why would I be any different?

I ended up calling my parents collect, to send me a ticket back to New Zealand.

That was; humiliating.

Not taking Testosterone HARMS my sense of Wellbeing

This is a topic I canvassed with Dr Tony Marks, Psychiatrist, in 1989.

28 February 1989 sense of well being

By the time 1989 came along, life was no better. I had worked for the same company since 1983 to 1987 (mini share market crash) when I was made redundant and had not found steady employment for quite some time. I was under pressure to pay my mortgage, of course, and my co-owner was playing up. I’m on a very low and infrequent income. I can’t afford the alcohol & drugs we used to take every weekend, anymore.

For most of the 1980’s I didn’t see John at all. I’d put all this crap on the back burner thinking I was getting on with life, but really it was all just simmering away in the background, being drugged out of thought. I was a pot-head, and I experimented with any other drug I could get my hands on, I’d try anything, at least once! That’s when I discovered I had a propensity to grow plants, I was really very good at it, and it was a great way to supplement income.

According to my records I saw John in 1980, then not again until 1989. At about 1980 I switched to Panteston capsules, that’s testosterone undecanoate, the form that is undetectable in a standard blood test! One which I considered would be best as I’d not have to visit my doctor so often, would not be examined so often, and would not need to have so many blood tests. But there was a down side. There’s always a down side I’ve come to realise. The down side was I couldn’t remember to take the damn things often enough.

The more pills one has to take in a day the more chances exist that one will forget to take them, and that’s human nature too! My dad when he was alive was on medications all nicely packed up in plastic bubble wrap packs, and he often forgot to take them. I’m the same today too. I have medication for heart disease, and I forget to take them, I even forget to take methylphenidate! Methylphenidate’s supposed to be an addictive drug, gawd I wish it was for me, then I’d never forget to take it!

When I was in full employment, that was pretty good. I saw Colin Calcinai (plastic surgeon) in 1981 for my great set of new balls, and once I’d recovered life was looking up. Lots of people my age took drugs then, I fitted in with them just nicely. I was living up to the prediction of “Understanding Klinefelter’s syndrome: a guide for XXY males and their families” and since that booklet wasn’t published until 1993, it became pretty spooky when I read it. I wasn’t sliding into quiet depression, I was hanging out with a dangerous crowd!


I was also the boss in the factory I worked at. I like being the boss. I was good at it. I started there making buttons, one at a time, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week! Boring wasn’t the word, how about mind numbing? Or tedious? Ahh but it was money, lots of money! I like money too. Prior to then I was trapping possums from the homes of wealthy middle class executives, who’d succumbed to their children’s wishes to feed the vermin in the bush round their luxurious homes. Those possums were fat, and the fatter a possum the more skin it takes to cover them, which means more fur, and more money! Even a ‘green’ possum was worth selling, that’s dead and unskinned.

Nobody believed me when I got around to mentioning I was treated for Klinefelter’s syndrome. No girl believed she was squeezing artificial balls. If they weren’t on birth control, I didn’t care, I didn’t need to care. I suppose the world wide AIDS epidemic was just starting to crank up then, it wasn’t a concern anyway. Yeah so sex was free and easy, apart from that down side. If I forgot to take my capsules I just didn’t feel in the mood. I was supposed to be taking 3 X 40mg capsules a day, one had the be at lunch time, and they all had to be taken with food. Testosterone undecanoate is transported round the body in fat, so I needed to eat and drink fat with each dose. That wasn’t a worry, I like eating fat, it’s great.

28 February 1989 sense of well being 2

The worry was remembering to do it. Remembering to eat. When you’re the boss in a factory you gotta work long hours, it’s not a ‘doddle’ and fitting in time for food is not always all that easy, and of course my mood would suffer. I would get so irritable. I could have ‘slogged’ any one of those other employees who I was supposed to be ‘leading.’ I’d go for days without taking any Panteston, then I’d dose up large hoping to reinvigorate myself, and I convinced myself I had. Really though it was all just psychological. I was reporting effects in 1989 that were impossible, there just wasn’t enough time for the medication to wear in or wear off that fast!

28 February 1989 sense of well being 1

The upshot of all that was to try the Testosterone Pellets, which were tried twice, and failed twice. My body just didn’t like them, they were exuded!

28 February 1989 implants