I met a psychiatrist once who said he couldn’t understand why I was so bothered about being sterile. I suppose, as I never asked, his idea was it’d be great, screwing around everywhere, anywhere, never having to worry about pregnancy. My experience was that teenage boys don’t give a shit about pregnancy anyway. Teenage girls didn’t either. As always the hard part was finding someone to have sex with, not whether condoms could be acquired. An erect penis and a willing partner, that’s it, all the necessities are satisfied.


What do you do, you’re 17, you’re told you’re sterile, you read you’re sterile. Do you all just accept what you’re told, all the time? I was more inquisitive than that. I didn’t request a sperm count, I decided to give myself a sperm count. I can prove it too! The microscopes I was intending to use I knew were not powerful enough to see individual sperms, they were powerful enough to see movement. Like when they’re using the Hubble space telescope to study a blob, to see if a far off object is a star, or if it has a planet orbiting it. They don’t try to zoom in on the planet, they just check to see how much of a wobble it has. If it wobbles there something with greater mass exerting gravitation force on it. That’s the same principle, if my ejaculate wobbles there’s something living in there, and if it doesn’t, there isn’t!

high sperm countHigh sperm count

I suppose there could have been 1 sperm, but since my balls were less that 1.0mL in volume there wasn’t really much chance of that 1 being there at all. It was just an academic study to keep my mind occupied, since I was unemployed anyway. I had to work out how to get to the microscope I planned to use, ejaculate and use it, without anybody working out what I was doing. That might be kind of difficult to explain?

So I decided to ejaculate before I set out. Masturbating in a science lab at a high school might not be received so well, if I were caught. And people say guys with AD/HD don’t plan! I never had a problem producing ejaculate, getting an erection was a worry, but then I learned an erection is not required to ejaculate. Believe me it’s true, you’ll just have to work it out for yourself, I’m not explaining it. 🙂

low_sperm_countLow sperm count

I found one of my mothers lip-sticks, removed its contents and it was perfect. Easily concealable. Ejaculate becomes like water soon after it is, well, ejaculated, so the container has to be water tight. I was a regular visitor at Wainuiomata College as Blossom was associated with that school, and Jack her husband, and she was the person who convinced me to waste 6 months there doing New Zealand secondary school examinations, so they knew me. Getting in was easy, I just volunteered to help clean up the lab after the class before lunch. That gave me 1 hour of free undisturbed scientific investigation.

Have I mentioned I have an O Level in Human Biology? I think I may have. I’m proud of that qualification. “O” means Ordinary by the way. I have an Ordinary Level qualification. I also have a New Zealand “School Certificate” qualification in Human Biology. I like Human Biology. I know how to use a microscope. How to prepare slides, how to place them, how to clean up afterwards. So; there was no movement. Slide after slide there was no movement. And the last slide was ruined as my tears dripped on to it as I was about to place the top slide on.

stressBeing inquisitive has a down side.

azoospermiaWhat I found, Azoospermia – no sperm

I can’t understand why anybody can’t understand why a teenage boy is upset because he’s sterile. It is a big deal.