Transsexual Empire

I’ve recently obtained a copy of Transsexual Empire by Janice Raymond and you can get your updated copy from here too:

Trans Empire

Janice Raymond’s book is essentially about how men are invading into women’s space by artificially reconstructing themselves to be female looking. Janice Raymond also asserts the same of female to male transsexuals, females invading into men’s space, but with less emphasis.

The below video is used to be titled “From 45X/46XY True Hermaphrodite with CAH to Intersex Fraudster”

Rudy Alaniz has been on YouTube for years asserting ‘she’ is a True Hermaphrodite, has Congenital Adrenal Virilising Hyperplasia, and has 45X/46XY mosaicism, and that ‘she’ is in the process of transitioning male to female. I’ve already proven ‘her’ True Hermaphrodite and 45X/46XY claims to be absolute lies. However ‘her’ claims to be in transition and to have CAH I’ve not yet proven to be false, but I think the likelihood of them being true is so close to zero they might as well be zero.

Rudy Alaniz aka Mishakailana as ‘she’ is known as on YouTube has been in transition ever since I first started on YouTube in 2008, which has to be the longest transition I have ever heard of, for a male to female transsexual. It has been so long and so little change has occurred I’m more inclined to believe these days that ‘she’ is in fact a Female Impersonator.

It appears to me that ‘radical feminists’ and persons with Disorders of Sex Development have a great deal in common when it comes to healthy males invading into spaces set aside for them. Of course persons with Disorders of Sex Development can be either male or female and can be, or not, feminists. My criticism of is of persons who pretend to be Transsexual using a medical diagnosis to justify their claims, which are in fact medically impossible.

The latest false claimant of a Disorder of Sex Development to justify transitioning to female is Chloe Prince, who pretended to be diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome, and still pretends to be diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome. However, Transsexualism is a bona fide psychiatric illness characterised by no other disorder of a sexual, or gender identity, being present.

The diagnosis is not made if the individual has a concurrent physical intersex condition (e.g., androgen insensitivity syndrome or congenital adrenal hyperplasia) (Criteria C). In proposed changes to DSM 5 the statement is “B. The individual does not have an intersex or sexual development condition”

Therefore their claim of a medical diagnosis automatically cancels their Transsexual claim. If these people really do have the Disorders of Sex Development they claim, they would never get any Medical Insurance, or other medical surgical assistance, to transition, as they don’t qualify. If they have accessed Insurance to pay for their transition surgery, this is strong indication that they do not have a Disorder of Sex Development.

Originally I intended to debunk Janice Raymond’s book as I thought it heavily relied on information from disgraced psychologist Dr John Money, when determining at which point gender identity is established. As it happens she has as much support for his theories as many other people, not much at all.

Transsexual male to constructed female, are not female. They did not live the life of a female, with the prejudice Janice Raymond describes. They were in fact the privileged male, and then decided that they wanted what they perceive as the best of both worlds.

They tend to be males who have had their family, I’ve observed. They’re heterosexual, when the’re male attracted to females. They are reconstructed males to look like females, that makes perfect sense to me.

The motivation for their reconstruction is what Janice Raymond seeks to explain. I can’t, I can’t understand why any normal fertile man wants to emasculate himself, when he can just as easily dress up as a female, and pretend like Mishakailana, Nicky K D Chaleunphone, and Gavan Coleman.

None of these people have lived a life as a female would, and cannot possibly claim to be female as a result, yet they all do. They are all anatomical males with a Y chromosome and at least 1 X. They are also very good friends, suggesting a certain ‘copy cat’ mentality.

I can’t understand females who say they feel male, yet don’t understand why biological males they grew up with reject their transition. All the males ever knew the person as was female, how can they be expected to accept the person as male, simply because s/he says so? And why, if she feels so male, does she not understand her biological male counterparts?

Wanting to be male or female is not the same as living male or female. I tend to agree with Janice Raymond.

Chris Somers’ Thesis

I had to go to Wikipedia about the meaning of “Thesis” after reading some of Chris’s ‘thesis’ wondering if a fantasy essay could be described as a “thesis” and it can be! I wrote to Chris on Facebook and asked if he has medical proof of his ovaries, he claims in his “thesis” that he has, so far he’s not replied. It appears his “thesis” is an autobiography, I didn’t know one could get a degree by writing an autobiography, but for a Western Australian university it appears one can do just that.

I haven’t got very far through it, I was just stunned to read of his ovaries, that he could hear! Is that “poetic license” or “magical thinking?” I have never read anywhere of an XXY man having ovaries, so his confirmation of having actual ovaries will be a first, if he does actually have medical evidence of these ovaries? I’m not sure if those reading his “thesis” bothered to check the finer details, but it’s supposed to be part of a research document, to satisfy the requirements I understand to be the point of a ‘thesis’ in order to gain a degree.

According to standard medical literature a True Hermaphrodite has “ovarian and testicular tissue in the same or opposite gonads.” That definition would then make Chris a True Hermaphrodite, and I have never read or heard of an XXY man being a True Hermaphrodite. So getting confirmation of his claims would be a medical first, so far as I know. And when I’m dealing with an XXY guy especially I do not just accept his word, for anything. I always check things out.

Such as recently I was approached by a New Zealand XXY guy who claimed to be taking 120mgs testosterone by capsule twice per day, making a total of 180mgs testosterone per day. As soon as I saw the amounts I knew he was mistaken, the product he takes is in 40mgs capsules, and 40 does not divide evenly into 180. Someone had made a mistake. What he was actually taking was 120mgs (3 capsules) twice per day, making a total of 240mgs per day. That is a very high dose. But still he insisted he was told he was taking 180mgs per day. Since it is impossible to cut one of the capsules in half, and even if he did the taste would definitely put him off ever doing it again, it was obvious he was not taking the 180mgs dose he claimed. He was taking much more. But because he thinks he was told something, he believed that’s what he was taking.

In the literature XXY males frequently suffer from auditory processing problems. For some reason some XXY men, if not all XXY men, think that testosterone is a cure-all for all their maladies, when it is not. Testosterone only treats hypogonadism. Auditory processing problems will need to go to a language specialist of some kind, or not be treated at all I expect. I attempted to explain to the fellow this feature of being XXY, as it clearly has nothing to do with Klinefelter’s syndrome as it doesn’t respond to the standard treatment for male hypogonadism, testosterone. I think he now understands what he thought the doctor said, wasn’t what the doctor meant, even if the doctor did actually say it?

I wonder if Chris’s ovaries are of the same origin? That is what he thought he heard, therefore that is what he did hear? That is what he tells people but can he back it up?

To be continued……