Parents of XXY’s

Do I talk about parents of XXY’s, no not normally.  They have their own ideas, they are interested primarily in their own child, and what they seem to forget is the same, they are only temporary caregivers.  The XXY himself will take over from them pretty damn quickly,  in just 18 years.

What can we say about most XXY’s?  Nothing, most XXY’s are never diagnosed.  What can we say about XXY’s who have been diagnosed,  lots and lots and lots.  Are they representative of all XXY’s, who knows?

Of the XXY’s who have been diagnosed, parents, we can say your son probably will have educational difficulty to some degree.  Do you want to read it? Do I give a shit?   What about XXYY’s and XXXY’s and XXXXY’s etc….?   Yes they are going to be much more severely affected.   Is your XXY son going to be like them, probably not, most unlikely in fact.

Are all XXY’s male, no they’re not, but I’m not interested in XXY females so if you want to read about them, go somewhere else.   I don’t even know where you can go, that’s how interested I am.  Do a PubMed search or something, do your own studies.

Klinefelters’ syndrome…. no I just can’t talk about XXY without mentioning Klinefelters’ syndrome.  Nobody has ever been born with Klinefelters’ syndrome.  Klinefelters’ syndrome develops sometime after the onset of puberty in every single XXY I’ve read about, and met in person EXCEPT 1.  The medical profession won’t say an XXY with normally sized and functioning testes  (balls)  is just XXY, they will say he has Klinefelters’ syndrome, even though it is a physical impossibility.   Klinefelters’ syndrome is a form of male hypogonadism  that manifests (love that word ‘manifests’) in adolescence, and it is the symptoms of the disease Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis.  So parents, your XXY son is probably going to develop Klinefelters’ syndrome eventually, it’s just not guaranteed, and it is a disease.

The one instance I know about, where the XXY man had normally sized and functioning testes,  I read in a reference in a report by Dr Shirley Ratcliffe, and he was detected because of investigations for something else. He lived in Israel and he’s probably dead by now.  But as it happened once, who’s to say it won’t happen again?

Oh that disease thing seems to be a big problem for some parents, some XXY adults too. They just can’t abide the idea that some people are indeed born with diseases.  For some reason they have to believe they or their son is  not sick.  Not all sicknesses are medical in nature, some are genetic, XXY is a genetic disease.    Some diseases are psychiatric in nature, AD/HD is a psychiatric disease and is also endemic in the XXY population.

Real MAN Crap

For some reason with some XXY guys they have this weird Real MAN Crap to promote, such as they were supposedly told they can only be a real man if they took testosterone therapy? I believe that like I believe in the Tooth Fairy!

I’m a real skeptic. I need EVIDENCE of claims made, and I’m quite happy to provide evidence of claims I make. My Endocrinologist was most helpful in providing information, just not the right level of testosterone, I was treated to XY average, not enough.

I had lots of questions, more than that I did homework too. I volunteered I’d given myself a sperm test and found azoospermia. I didn’t know what I found was called ‘azoospermia’ but my description of what I did was acceptable to John as a reliable method, and he wrote of what I’d discovered in medical lingo.

22 August 1977 azoospermia

I have never met another XXY man diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome who’s done his own homework. It seems like I’m the only person who was interested enough in the words “Klinefelter’s syndrome” and the genetic signature “XXY” to find out what it all meant before I saw my Endocrinologist? I knew it had something to do with sex, when you get your balls crushed by, well by that stage, at least 4 doctors, you KNOW the balls are the problem.

I am alone. I am unique. I don’t need to be bolstered up by anybody else, as my dad said “Graeme has always been a loner.” Wasn’t that so nice of him to notice. I thought he didn’t give a shit about me. It’s amazing how wrong I can be!

1977 - psych report loner

My partner says I should visit her place more, now why do I want to do that? I know I have what she wants and she’ll be by, sooner or later, for her ‘man fix!’ We had a great laugh this afternoon, after preliminaries, about all the nonsense on the internet, and in books, about me and our other friend, Tiny! Of course you know why he’s called ‘Tiny’ as he’s the tallest guy I’ve ever seen in my life, much taller than any XXY guy I’ve ever met. Tiny is XYY! All I have to do is make myself known and all these other types just gravitate towards me. I have learned, being sociable aint all it’s cracked up to be, I like being a loner.

That wasn’t true in 1977 though.

Klinefelter’s syndrome 1976 to 1977 Deadly Serious from Graeme-xxy on Vimeo.

Amygdala in XXY Males

Oh no, oh yes! I might have to change my mind, now that I have research data I can trust, that XXY men who are homosexual may have a genetic argument?

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There’s a PhD. doctor out there, oh somewhere I forget where, you can find her on YouTube taking about male to female Transsexuals having a part of their brain more like that of females than males. I think it’s the Amygdala she refers to, Dr Veronica Drantz – it has taken me ages to find her videos, the right impression is not gained from just reading this.

So we know XXY individual’s do not have an entire extra X functioning, nobody with more than 1 X does. But there are XXX females, of course, and along with XXY men they have a smaller Amygdala, that’s an organ in the brain responsible for all manner of emotional things, and it’s linked to the Hypothalamus. XXY and XXX individuals are much more numerous that Transsexual male to female people, so if some correlation can be shown between the different strains of research into the Amyigdala and Hypthalamus, it may be possible to arrive at a common cause for the differences in brain structure between the 3 groups?

Oh Veronica Drantz doesn’t like me, she thinks I’m ‘too obsessed with my XXY status’ I think I’ve quoted her correctly. Anybody who has in depth knowledge of the diseases they’re treated for and speaks and writes of them MUST be OBSESSED! I can go along with that. And she also says ‘I should get on with my life’ that sounds like ‘shut up and go away’ to me, but anybody who makes a video anywhere about anything, and publishes it is automatically asking for responses. If the responses are polite and to the point they must be addressed.

Well I figure I am getting on with my life, it is mine after all. I don’t have to like you people, you people don’t have to like me, liking and not liking people is irrelevant. The only relevance is getting XXY boys diagnosed as early as possible and getting them the medical, educational, psychiatric care they need, when they need it. Everything else is superficial. Maybe this is my Amygdala at work?

According to the report I’m ever so slowly digesting at the moment, my actual Amygdala may well be smaller than any other euploid man’s Amygdala, and smaller than an XXX female’s Amygdala? The Amygdala’s being studied belong to 10 XXY’s and to 10 XXX’s along with 20 age matched controls, who would be XX and XY respectively, and 10 of each. Do you know what euploid means? Well aneuploid means ‘not the usual number’ in reference to chromosomes, so I predict euploid means ‘the usual number.’ 🙂
We are matched to euploid controls.

Barr Bodies

Yesterday I said that in the example I gave that the Barr body of the XXY male was smaller than the Barr body of the XX female, suggesting more genes are active on the inactivated X in XXY males. In Dr Veronica Drantz’s video series “Myth & Science of Sexuality” she uses a single example of the size of the nucleus in certain brain cells to show that male to female Transsexual’s brains are different to XY’s brains, and the same as XX’s brains, although the images she gives don’t look convincing to me. So all those who want to grizzle at me for using just 1 example of a smaller Barr body in the XXY male, can go grizzle at Dr Veronica Drantz too.

So the Amygdala has something to do with sexual behaviour too. The report I’m reading is actually about psychiatric disease more frequently seen in persons with additional X genetic material, bearing in mind that none of us with more than 1 X, have more than 1 entire X functioning in our cells. If you want to watch the entire video, you’ll find it here.

Last night I also stumbled across a report from Korea about Klinefelter’s syndrome, well it’s more about XXY prenatally, but the authors again don’t differentiate between the two. The key features that got my attention, which makes it worth getting, are the date, it’s from 2013. Abortion is mentioned, that very rare to find those kinds of statistics, the incidence rate in this report is quite high, and the advanced paternal age along with advanced maternal age is mentioned as an increased risk factor. That’s also most unusual, usually older ovaries are said to produce more XXY pregnancies, not older testicles!

Abortion is mentioned as a ‘pregnancy outcome.’ Of the 20 XXY pregnancies in this report, 9 were carried to term. 9 were ‘artificially aborted’ and 2 spontaneously aborted. Apparently the Korean’s needed a change in their laws to allow “Klinefelter syndrome” pregnancies to be aborted. In Korea it’s only been legal to abort XXY pregnancies since 2009. This appears to be a problem of understanding. In France the abortion rate of XXY foetuses was 46.9% and after proper counselling services were established that rate dropped to 11.6%

I’ll get back to you about the Amygdala implications later.

No Guarantees

I’m getting into Milton Diamond PhD at the moment, I can find plenty of other PhD’s to examine but this one has particular interest for me as he claims to have a report on a person treated for CAIS and Klinefelter’s syndrome at the same time – well does he say ‘treated?’ No he doesn’t he says someone ‘can have’ both syndromes at the same time, which is nonsense. He reports on a person who has CAIS with XXY sex chromosomes and Milton Diamond PhD. assumes XXY always equals KS. He regularly mentions KS and XXY in the same paragraph, such as:

“One of the largest long-term studies of its kind, the so-called “Edinburgh study” [46], found that, at birth, babies who had KS generally were smaller in weight, length, and head circumference than were controls. The head circumference difference remained between the 10th and 25th percentiles and reflected an adverse effect on brain growth [47]. A notable increase in height velocity occurred between the ages of 5 and 8 years of age because of the greater leg growth; however, the typical pubertal growth spurt did not differ from controls. A tendency to central obesity was seen in 75% of the XXY boys who were followed.”

But the report he’s supposedly quoting from does not say “…babies who had KS…” the report never mentions KS except when referring to other peoples reports.

The report is actually about the effects of having an additional X or Y chromosome, and deals with XXX females and and XYY males too.

So when he quotes accurately “A notable increase in height velocity occurred between the ages of 5 and 8 years of age because of the greater leg growth” he should also have quoted of the XXX females “As for the XXY boys height velocity increased during mid-childhood owing to greater leg growth”

The additional X can cause increased growth in both males and females in childhood, and as females can’t have Klinefelter’s syndrome that effect can’t be the result of hypogonadism. This result proves XXY boys can’t have Klinefelter’s syndrome in childhood. Probably why Milton Diamond PhD. made the change!

We can see increased height for XYY males too, quoting from the exact same report “…the velocity of growth increased from age 2 years continuing throughout childhood….”

But Milton Diamond PhD. has a particular goal in mind, to change current trends of research back to what they were previously, which assumed XXY and KS were identical, and as a result he deliberately misquotes and quotes selectively.

The report he references regarding a woman with CAIS does not mention Klinefelter’s syndrome, it mentions the 47XXY karyotype in a woman with CAIS, and with dubious editing he is attempting to make it look like females can have Klinefelter’s syndrome too, to the casual reader.

At the very start of Milton Diamond’s report “They are among the most commonly seen intersex conditions and have a prevalence of 2 or 3 cases/1000 population. These conditions present instances of undermasculinization and both syndromes can occur in the same individual [1].”

Whereas in fact Klinefelter’s syndrome is not intersex at all, KS is the symptoms of disease, and the original report by Klinefelter et al, detailed those symptoms, the symptoms of Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis in 9 adult males. This link goes to a pair of twins with Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis, which is dated 1958, and in brackets, as it wasn’t in the original publication (Klinefelter’s Syndrome) and there is no mention of the 47XXY karyotype as that discovery wasn’t made until 1959.

How then does Milton Diamond’s reference to the Klinefelter et al report dated 1942 have anything to do with the 47XXY karyotype, when those authors had no idea of chromosomes? This is the reference Milton Diamond PhD. gives “[35] Klinefelter HF, Reifenstein EC, Albright F. Syndrome characterized by gynecomastia, aspermatogenesis without a-Leydism, and increased excretion of follicle-stimulating hormone. J Clin Endocrinol 1942;2:615-27.”

Then under his heading of “Klinefelter’s syndrome” we read “The sex chromosome complement can vary from the most typical, 47, XXY, to XXXY, XYY XXYY, and other combinations, and, may occur with, or independent of, different mosaic conditions [36]. Individuals who have an XXX karyotype are considered to have a Klinefelter’s variant by some investigators, although no Y chromosome is present. The presence of a Y chromosome usually leads to development as a male; persons who have XXX appear as females. Cases of individuals who had an XXY karyotype and a female phenotype have been reported [37].”

CAIS is obviously present from birth of the females with it, but Klinefelter’s syndrome can only manifest after the onset of puberty, and there is no undermasculinisation of XXY boys.

I have never seen any researcher who refers to XXX females and XYY males as variants of Klinefelter’s syndrome, except Milton Diamond PhD. and Linda Ann Watson MEd, Milton’s co-author.

XXX females do not ‘appear’ as females, they ‘ARE’ females!

XYY males are NEVER referred to as a variant of Klinefelter’s syndrome. They’re sometimes named after the woman who first discovered their karyotype, Patricia Jacobs.

Cases of XXY females have been reported and they are referred to as SRY Negative, whereas XXY males are SRY Positive. The SRY gene is said to be the one that controls male sexual development, so these XXY females are not related to our XXY male population. There is no association at all.

However, back before 1992 when his book ‘Sex Watching‘ was published Milton Diamond PhD. expressed a theory that XXY males were ‘pseudohermaphrodites,’ and he, in my opinion, wishes to manipulate the proven research to emphasise this theory, from page 126:


And on page 46 we can read of his idea that XXY is the same as Klinefelter’s syndrome, which makes him a very hard man to teach new tricks to! Oh and of course we read about his idea that a small penis is often if not always seen in men with Klinefelter’s syndrome:

Unusually small penis

Have I been lied to since 1976/77 do I really not have ‘good penile and scrotal development?’ Can the eye of the beholder tell the difference between an academic’s writing and the reality of existence?


In the terms of male sexuality, I can't think of anything more good looking than a normal penis.

In the terms of male sexuality, I can’t think of anything more good looking than a normal penis.

To give Milton Diamond PhD. credit he does say that he no longer uses the word ‘pseudohermaphrodite’ to describe us XXY males, but he clearly does have a notion in mind that we’re really not ‘real males’ by referring to us all as intersex. Look at the picture of myself above, who can look at that image and think ‘intersex?’

In my previous post I refer to XXY men as being untrustworthy, whereas Milton Diamond PhD. assumes every word spoken by all who claim to be XXY as the ‘gods honest truth.’ Milton Diamond PhD. then references words apparently mentioned by XXY men, without corroboration, this is his reference [50] “McKinlay IW. The KS Story: You are not alone. Peebles, Scotland, in press.” and McKinlay just happens to be an XXY man.

I have a copy of the KS Story in my possession and it is available online as a PDF file, and is promoted by Milton Diamond PhD. The part of Milton Diamond’s report refers to it in the terms of “Gender Expression.”

“Infrequently discussed in medical descriptions of KS are individuals’ concerns with gender expressions and feelings. An unknown percentage of persons who have KS experience androgynous or feminine feelings that can develop at an early age [50]. Some people who have KS consider themselves to be transgendered [50], others considered themselves to be intersexed [69], and others considered themselves to be transsexual.”

The [69] reference goes to an Australian newspaper article, hardly scientific! So if we frequently discuss a matter will that make it more common? How many XY males have these feelings and what is the reason for those feelings? Of course if you hold the view as Milton Diamond PhD. does that XXY males are not really male, but ‘pseudohermaphrodites’ or ‘intersex’ then it’s easy to assume this infrequently discussed in medical literature matter is much more common than may be thought.

If you’re interested in factual information as I am, you might be persuaded that these infrequently discussed topics are infrequent because they very rarely pop up! If XXY men did not really feel male after they were diagnosed, why didn’t they express such feelings before they were diagnosed, and be diagnosed because of those feelings? I’m talking about people who tend to have difficulty expressing themselves, from this work:


We read:
KS expression

So taking XXY men at their word, is, as I have said many times before, “fraught with difficulty.”

Just because a well known PhD. doctor says something is no guarantee s/he knows what they’re talking about.

Allergic to Aspirin

I used to get really powerful Migraine headaches. All I get now is the precursor to them. I’m sure I was under a helluvalot of stress as a child. I’m sure just being alive everyday was an effort. I never knew what was going to happen from one moment to the next, and making plans was more miss than hit.

Our family, our family.. family? Oh whatever, the people I lived with didn’t seem to give more than a second thought to the fact that from time to time I was totally imobilised in pain. I can even remember my brother and sister being so imobilised. They got sick from time to time too. I felt guilty when they were, as if I was the cause, like it was my fault! I just seemed to naturally accept responsibility for everything.

For some mindless reason our parents didn’t believe in pain relief, for children. They certainly did believe in pain relief for themselves. One time our mother spilled boiling fat on her hands, yes it felt like it was my fault as I witnessed it. Oh she was in terrible pain, it was horrific. My dad was just useless, he showed no sympathy whatsoever. It was like he said “What do you think you’re doing you silly woman?” Wow I thought, how heartless! I can recall ambulances going to the house but I can’t recall if it was for that incident of some other?

I know a Taxi stopped outside our house one time and a woman had a baby in it. That was pretty exciting. An Ambulance arrived for her, and her baby. I was having a real close look at those events until my dad dragged me away by my neck, around my collar! It was just getting to the good bit. It was so annoying, I almost had “practical sex education!”

For days later my mum’s hands were a wrapped up in, official from a doctor or nurse bandages, and they had to be changed regularly. And a nurse came, was it Mrs Murray or another nurse, I dunno, so there was pain relief involved. Really good pain relief. I could have done with some of that for my headaches. But even convincing people I had a headache was the hard part. Hands burned with boiling fat is easy to prove. Headaches not so easy, you can’t see a headache!

So I’d go for hours in agony. Literally agony. If you’ve ever had a Migraine Headache you’ll know what I’m talking about. They are absolutely diabolical! My eyes went all wonky. I couldn’t focus, I got split vision. I couldn’t watch TV, any kind of light made them worse. And they’d just arrive out of nowhere! One time I recall we were going to somewhere in Wellington, and my Grandmother was there, my dads mother. I was sitting on her lap on the front seat of the car, no seat belts. My mum had to sit in the back with the other 2 kids, I dunno why it was like that. Grandma was to be obeyed! Maybe that was the wrong impression, I could have had things confused?

And it was real fast Migraine, it was all over and done with in half an hour. At the end of a Migraine I threw up and passed out. So that’s what happened, I felt ill, my vision went, my head ached, pounding pain. Sitting in the front of the car with the sun beating down on me, and I just felt this sensation in my mouth and everything in my stomach came out, in a rush, right on Grandma’s feet. And I didn’t feel quite so well afterwards, when I woke up, and they were asking me “Why didn’t you say something?” I dunno I didn’t have a answer. I didn’t have time to say anything, it was just so quick, any other time I have a Migraine nobody takes any notice anyway, it wasn’t like it was a big fucken deal!

They’d offer me Aspirin that is the correct spelling by the way, Aspirin, weird word. It comes from the bark of a tree, so there, get used to it, so it’s NATURAL pain relief. It’s much better for you NATURAL pain relief, that it doesn’t fucken work is irrelevant! Well it doesn’t work for Migraine put it that way! Every fucken time I got a Migraine all they’d give me was Aspirin, and they’d wait so long to give it to me I’d just throw up, and pass out anyway. By the time I left home, their home that is, I had convinced myself I was allergic to Aspirin. It was that which was causing me to throw up. I had it all worked out.

My doctor said “Don’t be so stupid, If you were allergic to Aspirin with the amount you’ve had you’d be dead by now!” “The problem is you’re using the wrong type of pain relief, Aspirin is for mild pain, not Migraine.” I spent I dunno, days maybe throughout my childhood in agony for no reason, because I had the wrong type of pain relief, and there was a pain relief that was suitable for children.

Fucking stupid parents, MINE!

Manipulating the Truth

As I have said many times, when I was a kid I believed I was the ugliest person in the world. There had to be some reason why when I was doing nothing other students would stab me with sewing needles in my hands, pins, drawing pins, anything sharp. My pastime was not being there, and their’s was making my life miserable.

Maybe they had noticed I’d drifted off to nowhere? Maybe sometimes when they did those things I didn’t respond at all? That makes sense, I suppose, if you’re cruel mean and nasty. Are children cruel mean and nasty, yes they bloodywell are!

I got into heaps of trouble for not following instructions. Halfway though it I’d just drift away, so I’d hear the first part, and the last part, but the middle part I didn’t hear. I wasn’t actually present, in my mind. What’s that saying “the lights are on but nobody’s home.” That was me, that still is me, from time to time.

Even the medication does stop it all, but it happens much less frequently with the medication. So I’ll put up with the nausea that is intermittent, and put up with the ignorant adults I meet from time to time who don’t have brains that just turn off without warning.

But it was more than that. I looked ugly. I have plenty of evidence to prove that. My parents agreed my image should be manipulated so that I looked right, acceptable, good enough to be called ‘their child.’

Neither my brother or my sister had manipulation to that degree of their image.

My parents had no desire to make me feel good about myself, they didn’t even try. What was the point, I’d already ruined my mothers life, just by being born it seemed.

She didn’t make any secret of it, she tried to give me away when I was 10, and tried to kill me when I was 8! I was late home from school, so she beat the crap out of me, not even appropriate for those days, or maybe it was?

Compared to today, growing up in 1960’s New Zealand was vicious! Well it was in Wainuiomata. I wasn’t the only kid beaten to a pulp. Remember Murray? I do.


Those teeth are a sign of XXY. I don’t know if ALL XXY guys have giant teeth, but there is a condition called “Taurodontism” which involves a huge pulp cavity, thin enamel, and twisted roots. Not just XXY guys are affected by it, but if there’s a guy with them, who’s quite tall, skinny, no muscles, no body hair, yeah I’d suggest a compete physical examination, and karyotype.

My teeth were, well huge. They regularly went straight through my top and bottom lips. Every time I was punched in the mouth, they went straight through. Every time I fell over and landed on my face, they went straight through, I got tired of drinking my own blood, and they just seemed to attract attention.

So in most of my school photos I have my mouth closed, and I didn’t smile very much, I had to be tricked into it because I knew as soon as my teeth were seen, people’s whole attitude toward me changed.


I’m not satisfied with standard anything

I don’t accept there us a such a thing as “standard treatment” for XXY males!

Notice a shift?

XXY boys before puberty do not have Klinefelter’s syndrome.

XXY teenagers might develop ASPECTS of Klinefelter’s syndrome, if they’re treated badly.

XXY adults who have developed Klinefelter’s syndrome ought to be allowed to sue their family GP for medical malpractice.

There is no justifiable reason that Klinefelter’s syndrome is allowed to develop in this modern age.

Klinefelter’s syndrome is the symptoms of a disease, it is not a disease in itself.

Triple X females, and people with Kallmann syndrome, prove that Klinefelter’s syndrome is not associated with educational difficulty, or delays to reach developmental milestones in early childhood.

All problems for XXY males are caused by the additional X genetic material, the parents of the affected individual, and quality of medical care afforded such males by their doctors.

It’s time for the real culprits to stand up and accept responsibility.

Actually; it’s long past that time.