Amygdala in XXY Males

Oh no, oh yes! I might have to change my mind, now that I have research data I can trust, that XXY men who are homosexual may have a genetic argument?

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There’s a PhD. doctor out there, oh somewhere I forget where, you can find her on YouTube taking about male to female Transsexuals having a part of their brain more like that of females than males. I think it’s the Amygdala she refers to, Dr Veronica Drantz – it has taken me ages to find her videos, the right impression is not gained from just reading this.

So we know XXY individual’s do not have an entire extra X functioning, nobody with more than 1 X does. But there are XXX females, of course, and along with XXY men they have a smaller Amygdala, that’s an organ in the brain responsible for all manner of emotional things, and it’s linked to the Hypothalamus. XXY and XXX individuals are much more numerous that Transsexual male to female people, so if some correlation can be shown between the different strains of research into the Amyigdala and Hypthalamus, it may be possible to arrive at a common cause for the differences in brain structure between the 3 groups?

Oh Veronica Drantz doesn’t like me, she thinks I’m ‘too obsessed with my XXY status’ I think I’ve quoted her correctly. Anybody who has in depth knowledge of the diseases they’re treated for and speaks and writes of them MUST be OBSESSED! I can go along with that. And she also says ‘I should get on with my life’ that sounds like ‘shut up and go away’ to me, but anybody who makes a video anywhere about anything, and publishes it is automatically asking for responses. If the responses are polite and to the point they must be addressed.

Well I figure I am getting on with my life, it is mine after all. I don’t have to like you people, you people don’t have to like me, liking and not liking people is irrelevant. The only relevance is getting XXY boys diagnosed as early as possible and getting them the medical, educational, psychiatric care they need, when they need it. Everything else is superficial. Maybe this is my Amygdala at work?

According to the report I’m ever so slowly digesting at the moment, my actual Amygdala may well be smaller than any other euploid man’s Amygdala, and smaller than an XXX female’s Amygdala? The Amygdala’s being studied belong to 10 XXY’s and to 10 XXX’s along with 20 age matched controls, who would be XX and XY respectively, and 10 of each. Do you know what euploid means? Well aneuploid means ‘not the usual number’ in reference to chromosomes, so I predict euploid means ‘the usual number.’ 🙂
We are matched to euploid controls.

Barr Bodies

Yesterday I said that in the example I gave that the Barr body of the XXY male was smaller than the Barr body of the XX female, suggesting more genes are active on the inactivated X in XXY males. In Dr Veronica Drantz’s video series “Myth & Science of Sexuality” she uses a single example of the size of the nucleus in certain brain cells to show that male to female Transsexual’s brains are different to XY’s brains, and the same as XX’s brains, although the images she gives don’t look convincing to me. So all those who want to grizzle at me for using just 1 example of a smaller Barr body in the XXY male, can go grizzle at Dr Veronica Drantz too.

So the Amygdala has something to do with sexual behaviour too. The report I’m reading is actually about psychiatric disease more frequently seen in persons with additional X genetic material, bearing in mind that none of us with more than 1 X, have more than 1 entire X functioning in our cells. If you want to watch the entire video, you’ll find it here.

Last night I also stumbled across a report from Korea about Klinefelter’s syndrome, well it’s more about XXY prenatally, but the authors again don’t differentiate between the two. The key features that got my attention, which makes it worth getting, are the date, it’s from 2013. Abortion is mentioned, that very rare to find those kinds of statistics, the incidence rate in this report is quite high, and the advanced paternal age along with advanced maternal age is mentioned as an increased risk factor. That’s also most unusual, usually older ovaries are said to produce more XXY pregnancies, not older testicles!

Abortion is mentioned as a ‘pregnancy outcome.’ Of the 20 XXY pregnancies in this report, 9 were carried to term. 9 were ‘artificially aborted’ and 2 spontaneously aborted. Apparently the Korean’s needed a change in their laws to allow “Klinefelter syndrome” pregnancies to be aborted. In Korea it’s only been legal to abort XXY pregnancies since 2009. This appears to be a problem of understanding. In France the abortion rate of XXY foetuses was 46.9% and after proper counselling services were established that rate dropped to 11.6%

I’ll get back to you about the Amygdala implications later.

Discourse of Contradiction

I suppose the problem for XXY men really is they don’t have the facilities mentally to ask questions when they’re confused.

“The New Zealand Klinefelter Association (NZKA) was also established by the parents of sex chromosome variant children and adults born with at least one additional ‘sex’ chromosome.*”
Michael Noble – Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome (unpublished) – page 2

The NZKA was established by me and my then wife. End of story. Get facts, try hard!

[You see this here Michael, your little astrix note “* When referring to the additional chromosomes, I will refer to them as ‘sex’ chromosomes for convenience sake in order to distinguish them from other chromosomes.

Here’s some news for you, THERE ARE ONLY SEX CHROMOSOMES, all the rest are called AUTOSOMES. I can go in to detail as to why that is, but I think it will go way over your head. You need to research it for yourself. You NEED to edit your unpublished document, you make yourself look like a fool.]

I had assistance from CCS (formerly known as the Crippled Childrern’s Society), and various other professionals in the field of psychology and education, all the names of which escape me at this particular moment. Verna C. Raab, Educational Psychologist, from Canada, her best friend involved in some kind of secretarial work at Tairawheti Polytechnic, Veronica somebody? Other people too. Inland Revenue, they helped me write the Deed of Trust, the document that governed what we did and how we did it. So it had to be written as all inclusively as possible, without breaching the rules. You try doing that Michael Noble, write a thesis on it, see how far you get!

It was really hard to get people involved anyway, XXY men are generally unreliable, the parents of the boys are generally one eyed, the boys are too young. At the time we got going, we weren’t a charity, we were just a bunch of talented individuals, and there was only 1 XXY guy who was the driving force. I only know of 1 XXY guy who’s ever been a driving force, most of the rest are just groaning, moaning, lazy, miserable, little bastards!

It’s really hard work establishing a charity in New Zealand. Not that Michael Noble has ever attempted anything of the sort himself. He’s way too busy writing shit about people from his position of complete ignorance!

Helen, somebody, her son was the boy with Prader-Willi too, she was excellent help. One of the best parents of an XXY boy I’ve ever met, anywhere.

I couldn’t give a toss then, or now, what your sexuality is, what your gender is, who you fuck Michael Noble, it’s not important. You’re not important. You don’t have and never did have educational difficulty. You’re not a child missing out on an education, you never were. It’s the next generation that is important, getting them diagnosed early, they might even have sperms that can be collected and stored, if they’re found early? But you don’t give a shit about them do you, all you bullshit artists only care about yourselves, your gender expression, and your sexuality.

“Five years later, the NZKA Board changed the organisation’s name to the New Zealand Sex Chromosome Society (NZSCS) because, over the years, the Association had embraced other sex chromosome conditions such as Turners and Fragile X.”
Michael Noble – Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome (unpublished) – page 2

In reality we had to change our Deed of Trust to incorporate all the things we were doing that we were technically not allowed to do, according to law! Since we were always an information group, providing information first and foremost, not a support group, it seemed to the Board a logical step to do. Any information about Fragile X or X0 you don’t need to know, they’re not your sex and not your gender! They appreciate information. That you don’t appreciate them getting information just goes to show how selfish you are, and what I did with my time, and my money, was my business. Being questioned by some Australian git who wasn’t even a member, nor took the time to write an introduction, is hardly likely to be taken seriously.

“The Klinefelter community initially established these web pages for the purpose of distilling complex scientific literature into easily understood or popular narratives, while providing communication services for the discussion of issues relevant to the Klinefelter/XXY communities. They have achieved this, either by lobbying medical facilities and specialists into publishing popular information booklets and articles, or non-medical members have published their own articles based on their interpretation of the scientific literature.”
Michael Noble – Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome (unpublished) – page 2

We achieved something did we Michael Noble, that’s so good of you to say so. I got on TV, I did a huge amount, and EVERYTHING published on our website that was not OPINION, was vetted by John W Delahunt, Endocrinologist, or Johannes Nielsen, Researcher. It was medical data put in layman’s terms. We had a unique website. It was brilliant. There was no ‘patient or Board Member interpretation of medical literature’ it was all medical interpretation, thanks for asking!

The booklet “Understanding Klinefelter’s Syndrome – a Guide for XXY males and their families.” I’m the driving force behind the publication of that in New Zealand too. I still needed and got other people’s assistance, like Robert Bock the author, who almost made me reproduce it here. Unlike your crap there’s no copyright on it, it’s royalty free. So off you go smart arse, let’s see you do one for Australia. It will cost money and I won’t be lifting a finger to support you. Any one of you wankers out there who think you can do better are free to try. All you have to do is raise the money to pay for it, that should be a breeze as you’re so clever.

“….Rather, it is an attempt to undertake a very general socio-linguistic survey of the medical and popular discourses, in order to examine the representation of Klinefelter Syndrome/ XXY, and briefly link the discourses to issues such as the representation of sex, gender, sexuality and identity….”
Michael Noble – Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome (unpublished) – page 3

The above is the reason for Michael Noble’s paper, which is basically asserting his sexuality and the sexuality of other XXY men who claim they’re intersex, on the basis of their collective lies about their individual treatment, as if their lies were indicative of treatment over all. Michael Noble says he knows nothing of the therapy options, and it is his idea that one needs a University Degree in order to comment, attempting to shut down debate, like many of his crackpot colleagues.

His over-riding idea is that XXY is a different sex all together, and that testosterone they naturally produce is all they need. That he actually took, and probably still does take, testosterone therapy had to be worked around. In his blog he claims he ‘reduced’ his hormone therapy. The fact of the matter is he can’t assert XXY is a sex in it’s own right, and the level of testosterone produced is ‘normal’ and take ANY amount of exogenous testosterone, or he becomes a hypocrite.

Footnote on page 7 of his ‘paper’

“According to British law, physicians do not have to disclose details of medical techniques, nor the pharmacological operation of drug therapy: rather they are only required to provide information on the ‘goals and general nature of the treatment or drug’(Dickens 1982, p.238).He explains that physicians can resort to the ‘therapeutic privilege’ of non-disclosure in relation to procedures such as the administration of testosterone using intermuscular injections, in order to avoid having to account for their actions if they believe that the patient or parents may not comprehend the technical details of such therapies.”
Michael Noble – Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome (unpublished) – page 7

Michael Noble lives in Australia and I live in New Zealand, and what the British do is their business. I’ve not changed anything of his drivel, in fact here’s a screen shot, you can see they’re the same:

Noble drivel

This idiot has a University Degree by the way, but he can’t spell, even I know it’s ‘intramuscular’ but he’s so arrogant he didn’t bother getting his writings checked by a medical specialist before he released it for viewing. I can’t say ‘published’ even though for me to have a copy it must be ‘published’ but this is Michael Noble’s brain in action. Now you can also see this is an ‘updated’ version, from 2010, so if he knew so much about testicular volume and growth of XXY boys’ balls, how come he ignored this author, Ratcliffe 1999: an author he does refer to earlier in his ‘paper!’

XXY's balls

When crackpots like Michael Noble get an idea in their head, the last thing they want to do is include information that contradicts it.

I am more than happy to change what I teach as new information comes to hand. Such as I used to teach my balls were 1mL in volume at 17, and never were any bigger. However the likelihood of that being true is now zero, they must have enlarged at least a little in order for me to have that “good penile and scrotal development” and for me to have to wait for therapy, until my doctor was satisfied I had testicular failure:


Michael Noble never includes excerpts from his medical record, and never proves anything he says of himself, his therapy, his dealings with the medical profession. He just makes outrageous statements that look good to the intersex crowd.


Talking about Testicles


Do not do this, just take my word for it, unless you have the constitution of an Ox do not search for images of “Atrophied Testes” or “Atrophic testes in situ.

The first search will give you hundreds of the most gory pictures of scrotum’s being operated on that you have ever seen.

The second search will give you some of those pictures and cross sectional slides of slices of testicles, stained, as viewed under a microscope, and you probably won’t understand any of it.

If you don’t take my advice and you’re male, and you don’t feel as if you had your balls kicked and feel that stretching, wrenching sensation in your lower abdomen for ages – you really do have the constitution of a Ox!

A very recent picture of my chromosomes and autosomes

Even though I was diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome in 1975, and had all the descriptive letters from my doctors, I’d never once seen my actual karyotype. Earlier this year (2012) I had my karyotype done again as the lab that originally did it had misplaced my photograph, and they kindly agreed to do it again. I suppose deep down I was hoping it would come out different, but it didn’t, as expected in all cells examined, I’m 47,XXY. This is the karyotype of the first cell number 001

My first thought was to try to show what atrophied testes look like in place, mine specifically, but unfortunately I don’t have any images of mine. So I thought there might be some on the internet, but….that was not a good idea. The best way to see atrophied testes is out of the scrotum, and the only way to do that is show pictures of surgery, and I cannot do that, they make me feel sick.

Even though I do not have any testes any more, I still feel the pain associated with a blow to the balls, and uncomfortable when I see images of surgery on balls. It’s as if I never had them taken out. Is that called ‘psychosomatic’ imagined? Well my brain says the pain is real, and that’s good enough for me. Even though I know they’re not there, I still have all the reflex actions any other man has.

When I was first diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome, late in 1975. Karyotyped sometime in 1976. Treatment beginning 6th day of October 1977. That’s the chronology, the sequence of events. Of course there’s a huge amount of information that is directly relevant to that chronology, that isn’t here, yet. How I felt is a big part of that information.


  • having to see my Endocrinologist at Wellington Women’s Hospital. That does not make a teenage boy feel all that masculine. 😦
  • The diagnosis of Klinefelter’s syndrome as a teenage boy is a major challenge to ones desired manhood. 😦
  • People talking about me, not to me. Treating me like I was an imbecile. 😦
  • __________________________________________________________________________________________

    I knew about sex chromosomes, I’m smart, I have an O level in Human Biology. I knew it all, at 17 I was young enough to know it all, and bold enough to say so!

    XX is female XY is male, it’s all just so simple and convenient!

    It’s the truth, it’s just not the whole truth, and it’s not ‘nothing but the truth!’ It’s a segment of the truth. All manner of different karyotypes are male and female respectively, even exactly the opposite to XX and XY! XY is female and XX is male too.

    (In England)

    Human Biology at High School teaches the usual.

    It was all so exciting when I first started it, you know Human Biology in High School. Settling down to my streamed to leave school class at 15, as I had failed the exam that I didn’t know I was taking, to determine who did what at High School. Then the British Government changed the School Leaving Age, and made us all stay at school another year. If they had not done that I would not have got the qualification.

    Anybody believe in fate?

    (Back to New Zealand)

    I felt like everybody knew, everybody was talking about me and not to me. That impression was reinforced when I found a letter from my real grandmother to my father, on the kitchen table. She was expressing her sorrow to him about my predicament and ‘predicament’ is the word that she used.

    Predicament, what predicament? Like what do you know that I don’t know? Predicament, I have a predicament?

    Yeah right, brilliant. “Pity you can’t write a letter to me!” I mumbled.

    And how dare you tell my grandmother, and who told you? I never told anybody. I never said a word. It was my G.P. Dr Risely who told my mum, and she told my dad, and he told the whole god-damn world! Well the world as big as I knew, my family. And he wants me to go back and talk to him, he can get lost. He said one time, it was the first time I saw him, “If you’ve ever got anything to talk about I’m always available.”

    Talk, talk, me talk, to you, what am I supposed to talk about? That’s what I thought of saying, but I just sat there and nodded. I was a master at nodding. There was a brief exchange of pleasantries and that was it, he gave me “XXY” “extra chromosome” and “Klinefelter’s syndrome” to search up on, and that is what I set about doing. No talk required.

    All my friends and acquaintances were in London. I hadn’t made any friends at all since coming back. It takes me months to form friendships, they don’t just happen overnight. I don’t talk to people, not then I didn’t, and talking to doctors who tell everybody what my balls are doing, I don’t talk to them at all.

    The only person I was likely to talk to was Blossom, but even her, can she be trusted with this delicate information? At the time I was not taking any risks. I can wait to talk to her.

    The first place I thought to go was the Lower Hutt Public Library, not one of my favourite places. They keep books in libraries don’t you know. Books have information, and information is knowledge, and knowledge is power; apparently! I needed to power myself up.

    The Lower Hutt Public Library is not today what it was in 1976. In 1976 it had high concrete walls and slit windows at the very top that let the barest or light in. Inside it was like a cave, not quite dark but certainly dingy feeling. As you’d expect there were row upon row of tall shelves packed full of books. Where to start? I wasn’t going to ask anybody that’s for sure. How do I phrase it? Do you know how many chromosomes and autosomes there are? Most people don’t even know they have chromosomes, and those that do don’t know they have autosomes too! I had to learn the filing system used in the library first, on my own. You might not think that is a daunting task, to me that was a daunting task. All the information I got to study at High School was handed to me, I never had to search for anything. I was not prepared for this research activity, I had to teach myself.

    Oh it’s quite simple the cataloging system used, it’s called the Dewey system, or “Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme” very very simple. Ya learn something new every day, when you go researching. Academic researching isn’t physically challenging, but it’s exciting and gets the heart pumping, when you’re tracking down that elusive bit of information, like a detective. I’m trying to make this sound invigorating, are you getting it?

    So having tracked down the books dealing with genetic abnormality I grabbed a handful and flicked through the pages to XXY, but XXY wasn’t there. Oh well I’ll try “Klinefelter’s syndrome” oh it’s there alright, yeah men with Klinefelter’s syndrome look like fat women with male genitals. I didn’t look like that. I still don’t look like that. Men with Klinefelter’s syndrome are sterile. I kind of flicked quickly past that paragraph, I didn’t really want to read that, and men with Klinefelter’s syndrome are mentally retarded. Ahh relief, they’ve got the wrong disease, I don’t have Klinefelter’s syndrome. There is no way I am mentally retarded. Since I’d tracked down more than 1 book, I figured I may as well see what the rest said too. Over and over again, book after book they were all the same, men with Klinefelter’s syndrome look like fat women with male genitals, men with Klinefelter’s syndrome are sterile, men with Klinefelter’s syndrome are mentally retarded.

    Well I knew a lot about Klinefelter’s syndrome by the time I’d finished at Lower Hutt Public Library. I’d not had my blood test for my karyotype, but as soon as that was done and I got the results that said I was 46XY, that I expected it to be, that would be my conformation. I do not have Klinefelter’s syndrome, it was a certainty. These doctors don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Then it struck me that there was more than 1 public library, maybe there was something more at Wellington Public Library? So I’d passed finally my Drivers Licence, that’s an epic all in itself, and I drove to Wellington, Public Library here I came! I was really getting into public libraries, they were really interesting. So this is what they were trying to teach me for all those years I was dragged to the Lower Hutt Public Library to take out books I never read, and always took them back on time, unopened. Maybe they should have just said “Graeme there the Public Library, go and explore!”

    After a day at Wellington Public Library, Reference section, Medical, Klinefelter’s syndrome was no longer an absolute, there was variation. My passion for public libraries was dimming. Only some men with Klinefelter’s syndrome were mentally retarded, and they all had more than 1 additional X, like 48XXYY and 48XXXY. The only suggestion made to me was that I had 1 additional chromosome. But even just 1 extra makes them sterile. Sobering. They all have tiny testicles, balls, and that was one thing I could easily check out for myself, they were definitely tiny. I definitely did not have any body hair. I definitely did not have any facial hair. I definitely did not have any musculature. I couldn’t even make muscles stick out by flexing them. Maybe the doctors did know what they were talking about?

    I was not being empowered, I was being emasculated! The information was not as expected. There must be more than this, there has to be more information, I can’t imagine why something as serious as this would be ignored. What about the children, what about the teenagers, where was the information about them?
    I was just so pissed off. There wasn’t any bloody information. All the stuff I was reading, ‘they’ the family were reading too!

    Do you know that in 1976 there was Genetic Counselling for the parents of children with Genetic abnormality? Isn’t that lovely. Yeah genius! There is no Genetic Counselling for the genetic freaks! There was nothing, in 1976.

    An unknown genetic abnormality called Klinefelter’s syndrome, that’s what I was taught, that’s what I believed. At least it’s got a name, it can’t be all bad.

    Yes is can be!

    How about an oxymoron, an oxymoron here would be absolutely ideal. The medical profession were falling over themselves in their desire to tell me nothing. It was a wall of silence. Talking to people was not really my strongest suite, reading had become my strongest suite. You can’t get an O Level in Human Biology if you don’t know how to read, or won’t read. Reading is paramount to learning, for me.

    I need DOCUMENTS.