Amygdala in XXY Males

Oh no, oh yes! I might have to change my mind, now that I have research data I can trust, that XXY men who are homosexual may have a genetic argument?

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There’s a PhD. doctor out there, oh somewhere I forget where, you can find her on YouTube taking about male to female Transsexuals having a part of their brain more like that of females than males. I think it’s the Amygdala she refers to, Dr Veronica Drantz – it has taken me ages to find her videos, the right impression is not gained from just reading this.

So we know XXY individual’s do not have an entire extra X functioning, nobody with more than 1 X does. But there are XXX females, of course, and along with XXY men they have a smaller Amygdala, that’s an organ in the brain responsible for all manner of emotional things, and it’s linked to the Hypothalamus. XXY and XXX individuals are much more numerous that Transsexual male to female people, so if some correlation can be shown between the different strains of research into the Amyigdala and Hypthalamus, it may be possible to arrive at a common cause for the differences in brain structure between the 3 groups?

Oh Veronica Drantz doesn’t like me, she thinks I’m ‘too obsessed with my XXY status’ I think I’ve quoted her correctly. Anybody who has in depth knowledge of the diseases they’re treated for and speaks and writes of them MUST be OBSESSED! I can go along with that. And she also says ‘I should get on with my life’ that sounds like ‘shut up and go away’ to me, but anybody who makes a video anywhere about anything, and publishes it is automatically asking for responses. If the responses are polite and to the point they must be addressed.

Well I figure I am getting on with my life, it is mine after all. I don’t have to like you people, you people don’t have to like me, liking and not liking people is irrelevant. The only relevance is getting XXY boys diagnosed as early as possible and getting them the medical, educational, psychiatric care they need, when they need it. Everything else is superficial. Maybe this is my Amygdala at work?

According to the report I’m ever so slowly digesting at the moment, my actual Amygdala may well be smaller than any other euploid man’s Amygdala, and smaller than an XXX female’s Amygdala? The Amygdala’s being studied belong to 10 XXY’s and to 10 XXX’s along with 20 age matched controls, who would be XX and XY respectively, and 10 of each. Do you know what euploid means? Well aneuploid means ‘not the usual number’ in reference to chromosomes, so I predict euploid means ‘the usual number.’ 🙂
We are matched to euploid controls.

Barr Bodies

Yesterday I said that in the example I gave that the Barr body of the XXY male was smaller than the Barr body of the XX female, suggesting more genes are active on the inactivated X in XXY males. In Dr Veronica Drantz’s video series “Myth & Science of Sexuality” she uses a single example of the size of the nucleus in certain brain cells to show that male to female Transsexual’s brains are different to XY’s brains, and the same as XX’s brains, although the images she gives don’t look convincing to me. So all those who want to grizzle at me for using just 1 example of a smaller Barr body in the XXY male, can go grizzle at Dr Veronica Drantz too.

So the Amygdala has something to do with sexual behaviour too. The report I’m reading is actually about psychiatric disease more frequently seen in persons with additional X genetic material, bearing in mind that none of us with more than 1 X, have more than 1 entire X functioning in our cells. If you want to watch the entire video, you’ll find it here.

Last night I also stumbled across a report from Korea about Klinefelter’s syndrome, well it’s more about XXY prenatally, but the authors again don’t differentiate between the two. The key features that got my attention, which makes it worth getting, are the date, it’s from 2013. Abortion is mentioned, that very rare to find those kinds of statistics, the incidence rate in this report is quite high, and the advanced paternal age along with advanced maternal age is mentioned as an increased risk factor. That’s also most unusual, usually older ovaries are said to produce more XXY pregnancies, not older testicles!

Abortion is mentioned as a ‘pregnancy outcome.’ Of the 20 XXY pregnancies in this report, 9 were carried to term. 9 were ‘artificially aborted’ and 2 spontaneously aborted. Apparently the Korean’s needed a change in their laws to allow “Klinefelter syndrome” pregnancies to be aborted. In Korea it’s only been legal to abort XXY pregnancies since 2009. This appears to be a problem of understanding. In France the abortion rate of XXY foetuses was 46.9% and after proper counselling services were established that rate dropped to 11.6%

I’ll get back to you about the Amygdala implications later.

Discourse of Contradiction

I suppose the problem for XXY men really is they don’t have the facilities mentally to ask questions when they’re confused.

“The New Zealand Klinefelter Association (NZKA) was also established by the parents of sex chromosome variant children and adults born with at least one additional ‘sex’ chromosome.*”
Michael Noble – Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome (unpublished) – page 2

The NZKA was established by me and my then wife. End of story. Get facts, try hard!

[You see this here Michael, your little astrix note “* When referring to the additional chromosomes, I will refer to them as ‘sex’ chromosomes for convenience sake in order to distinguish them from other chromosomes.

Here’s some news for you, THERE ARE ONLY SEX CHROMOSOMES, all the rest are called AUTOSOMES. I can go in to detail as to why that is, but I think it will go way over your head. You need to research it for yourself. You NEED to edit your unpublished document, you make yourself look like a fool.]

I had assistance from CCS (formerly known as the Crippled Childrern’s Society), and various other professionals in the field of psychology and education, all the names of which escape me at this particular moment. Verna C. Raab, Educational Psychologist, from Canada, her best friend involved in some kind of secretarial work at Tairawheti Polytechnic, Veronica somebody? Other people too. Inland Revenue, they helped me write the Deed of Trust, the document that governed what we did and how we did it. So it had to be written as all inclusively as possible, without breaching the rules. You try doing that Michael Noble, write a thesis on it, see how far you get!

It was really hard to get people involved anyway, XXY men are generally unreliable, the parents of the boys are generally one eyed, the boys are too young. At the time we got going, we weren’t a charity, we were just a bunch of talented individuals, and there was only 1 XXY guy who was the driving force. I only know of 1 XXY guy who’s ever been a driving force, most of the rest are just groaning, moaning, lazy, miserable, little bastards!

It’s really hard work establishing a charity in New Zealand. Not that Michael Noble has ever attempted anything of the sort himself. He’s way too busy writing shit about people from his position of complete ignorance!

Helen, somebody, her son was the boy with Prader-Willi too, she was excellent help. One of the best parents of an XXY boy I’ve ever met, anywhere.

I couldn’t give a toss then, or now, what your sexuality is, what your gender is, who you fuck Michael Noble, it’s not important. You’re not important. You don’t have and never did have educational difficulty. You’re not a child missing out on an education, you never were. It’s the next generation that is important, getting them diagnosed early, they might even have sperms that can be collected and stored, if they’re found early? But you don’t give a shit about them do you, all you bullshit artists only care about yourselves, your gender expression, and your sexuality.

“Five years later, the NZKA Board changed the organisation’s name to the New Zealand Sex Chromosome Society (NZSCS) because, over the years, the Association had embraced other sex chromosome conditions such as Turners and Fragile X.”
Michael Noble – Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome (unpublished) – page 2

In reality we had to change our Deed of Trust to incorporate all the things we were doing that we were technically not allowed to do, according to law! Since we were always an information group, providing information first and foremost, not a support group, it seemed to the Board a logical step to do. Any information about Fragile X or X0 you don’t need to know, they’re not your sex and not your gender! They appreciate information. That you don’t appreciate them getting information just goes to show how selfish you are, and what I did with my time, and my money, was my business. Being questioned by some Australian git who wasn’t even a member, nor took the time to write an introduction, is hardly likely to be taken seriously.

“The Klinefelter community initially established these web pages for the purpose of distilling complex scientific literature into easily understood or popular narratives, while providing communication services for the discussion of issues relevant to the Klinefelter/XXY communities. They have achieved this, either by lobbying medical facilities and specialists into publishing popular information booklets and articles, or non-medical members have published their own articles based on their interpretation of the scientific literature.”
Michael Noble – Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome (unpublished) – page 2

We achieved something did we Michael Noble, that’s so good of you to say so. I got on TV, I did a huge amount, and EVERYTHING published on our website that was not OPINION, was vetted by John W Delahunt, Endocrinologist, or Johannes Nielsen, Researcher. It was medical data put in layman’s terms. We had a unique website. It was brilliant. There was no ‘patient or Board Member interpretation of medical literature’ it was all medical interpretation, thanks for asking!

The booklet “Understanding Klinefelter’s Syndrome – a Guide for XXY males and their families.” I’m the driving force behind the publication of that in New Zealand too. I still needed and got other people’s assistance, like Robert Bock the author, who almost made me reproduce it here. Unlike your crap there’s no copyright on it, it’s royalty free. So off you go smart arse, let’s see you do one for Australia. It will cost money and I won’t be lifting a finger to support you. Any one of you wankers out there who think you can do better are free to try. All you have to do is raise the money to pay for it, that should be a breeze as you’re so clever.

“….Rather, it is an attempt to undertake a very general socio-linguistic survey of the medical and popular discourses, in order to examine the representation of Klinefelter Syndrome/ XXY, and briefly link the discourses to issues such as the representation of sex, gender, sexuality and identity….”
Michael Noble – Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome (unpublished) – page 3

The above is the reason for Michael Noble’s paper, which is basically asserting his sexuality and the sexuality of other XXY men who claim they’re intersex, on the basis of their collective lies about their individual treatment, as if their lies were indicative of treatment over all. Michael Noble says he knows nothing of the therapy options, and it is his idea that one needs a University Degree in order to comment, attempting to shut down debate, like many of his crackpot colleagues.

His over-riding idea is that XXY is a different sex all together, and that testosterone they naturally produce is all they need. That he actually took, and probably still does take, testosterone therapy had to be worked around. In his blog he claims he ‘reduced’ his hormone therapy. The fact of the matter is he can’t assert XXY is a sex in it’s own right, and the level of testosterone produced is ‘normal’ and take ANY amount of exogenous testosterone, or he becomes a hypocrite.

Footnote on page 7 of his ‘paper’

“According to British law, physicians do not have to disclose details of medical techniques, nor the pharmacological operation of drug therapy: rather they are only required to provide information on the ‘goals and general nature of the treatment or drug’(Dickens 1982, p.238).He explains that physicians can resort to the ‘therapeutic privilege’ of non-disclosure in relation to procedures such as the administration of testosterone using intermuscular injections, in order to avoid having to account for their actions if they believe that the patient or parents may not comprehend the technical details of such therapies.”
Michael Noble – Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome (unpublished) – page 7

Michael Noble lives in Australia and I live in New Zealand, and what the British do is their business. I’ve not changed anything of his drivel, in fact here’s a screen shot, you can see they’re the same:

Noble drivel

This idiot has a University Degree by the way, but he can’t spell, even I know it’s ‘intramuscular’ but he’s so arrogant he didn’t bother getting his writings checked by a medical specialist before he released it for viewing. I can’t say ‘published’ even though for me to have a copy it must be ‘published’ but this is Michael Noble’s brain in action. Now you can also see this is an ‘updated’ version, from 2010, so if he knew so much about testicular volume and growth of XXY boys’ balls, how come he ignored this author, Ratcliffe 1999: an author he does refer to earlier in his ‘paper!’

XXY's balls

When crackpots like Michael Noble get an idea in their head, the last thing they want to do is include information that contradicts it.

I am more than happy to change what I teach as new information comes to hand. Such as I used to teach my balls were 1mL in volume at 17, and never were any bigger. However the likelihood of that being true is now zero, they must have enlarged at least a little in order for me to have that “good penile and scrotal development” and for me to have to wait for therapy, until my doctor was satisfied I had testicular failure:


Michael Noble never includes excerpts from his medical record, and never proves anything he says of himself, his therapy, his dealings with the medical profession. He just makes outrageous statements that look good to the intersex crowd.


Talking about Puberty

In New Zealand schools today sex is a subject from year 1 to year 8 (I think?) maybe it’s 9? Yes New Zealand has succumbed to international pressure to organise schools in a more uniform fashion. I think that was a policy of David Lange, former NZ Prime Minister. I don’t approve. I like the old system. New Entrants, Primmers, Standards, Forms. That’s the way it used to be.

When I was at Primary school sex wasn’t taught at all. There was an experiment I think in Form 1 at Parkway Intermediate (middle school, intermediates are still classified as primary schools) to incorporate some sex education, but it was all about girls, it was pretty boring.

My friend Malcolm and I sat at the back of the class chatting about fishing. Until one of the imported tutors mentioned something about sperm. That caught our attention. Mrs Forde at Fernlea School showed us how male frogs spread sperm over the eggs to fertilise them and make new frogs. So this class was about how to make new people.

It went like this, I think it’s about right:

“If the egg is not fertilised by the sperm the egg and the lining are evacuated from the woman’s body.”

Maybe they didn’t use the word ‘evacuated’ but whatever word it was, it meant that.

Malcolm to Graeme “How does the sperm get in there?”

Graeme to Malcolm “I dunno.” shrug shoulders

Malcolm to Graeme “Well, ask them!”

Graeme to Malcolm “You wanna know you ask them.”

Malcolm to Graeme “I’m not asking them, you ask them.”

Graeme to Malcolm “We’ll listen a bit more, they might tell us, we won’t have to ask them.”

Malcolm to Graeme “Good idea.” Thumbs up!

I suppose what Mrs Forde did was like sex education, but she wasn’t a qualified teacher and none of her classes were on the curriculum. She was the last option when it came to finding a teacher for the worst behaving class at Fernlea School. Even the girls were a handful for any normal teacher. We had teachers that stayed for about a week, or less. It was bedlam, and I’m not kidding. I think my last school report from Fernlea School was filled out by 6 different teachers! The Headmaster doesn’t normally take class.

Then these imported tutors went on and on and on and on and on about girl stuff, it was just drivel! There was nothing interesting at all. We could have chatted about fishing the whole lesson and missed nothing, oh except for the sperm remark.

Where does sperm come from?

How does the sperm get into the woman?

You’d think that MIGHT be covered in Sex Education! 😛

Back in Fernlea School when puberty began I was, ‘well endowed.’ That how they say it eh! The boys had competitions to see who had the biggest penis. It was a regular event. There was only two of us who started puberty, that we could see, in our Standard, and I just happened to have more of everything, length, girth and hair. The other boy, Malcolm had no hair. And all the other boys had no development at all, a couple of them didn’t even have a whole penis, they looked weird and they looked like they knew they looked weird. I don’t even know why they joined in, unless it was the same reason I joined in, to see what was happening? They were like my cousins, a striped naked penis at the end of it. I now know that called circumcised. This was sex education, Fernlea School style.

Of course I didn’t know it was called a penis. I didn’t know what balls were called either, or the bag they were in. I had absolutely no knowledge at all, and neither did anybody else in our Standard, or if they did know they weren’t letting on. Apparently it’s up to parents to teach children these basic facts. The names of the body parts. What the hell is difficult about that?

Years later I was chatting to my mother at her house, I was living somewhere in Wellington, she was having some sort of dinner party and I just dropped in, unexpectedly. She seemed happy to see me, the feeling wasn’t mutual. Anyway she was chatting about how she taught us all about sex. What a joke! Anyway it turns out that her plan was to be completely honest. When we asked questions she would answer them truthfully. Then she added, “but Graeme never asked any questions!” Oh shit!

It was always my fault, everything that ever went wrong was my fault. Who was the parent? Who had all the knowledge? Who had nothing? Figure it out this is not difficult. Oh for fucks sake. What about dad? He was never there, he was working, overseas. I have post cards from him instructing me on how to behave. Parenting by postcard! That’s a novel approach. Parents have a lot to do with all this shit you know!

Anyway on with my account, talking about Puberty.

When Malcolm saw I had hair he wanted a closer look. He invited me to go swimming with him one Saturday afternoon when I was out riding my bike. We didn’t have towels or togs, but that was no big deal, that was how we always swam in the local river. I never could quite understand that, at the river we swam naked, but at the pool we had to wear togs, why? In Wainuiomata they were all the same people going to different places. It makes no sense at all. Anyway It was not uncommon for us to swim naked so I had no clue swimming was not the only thing on Malcolm’s mind.

This is when I discovered I did not have the biggest penis, he was impressive. I was ‘gob smacked’ that phrase has nothing to do with oral sex. I was speechless. I had never seen such a big and bald scrotum & penis. He wanted me to masturbate him – of course I had no idea what masturbation was either, well not in words anyway. I knew how to do it I just didn’t know what it was called, and I didn’t know anybody else did it until that moment. Anyway I didn’t masturbate him as a car load of other people arrived at the river, and here was us fully erect trying desperately to get our clothes on before we were seen. It was terrifying.

A short time later, clothed, we met up again, and I said “Do you want me to rub you now?” “Oh no” he said, “I’ve finished.” 😛

At the time I looked like this, facially:


But that was just the first ‘incident’ there were plenty more with other boys, because when it gets out you have hair and nobody else has hair, everybody wants a ‘look see’ when there is no sex education, I think? That’s my theory.

Girls start puberty before boys so they didn’t want to have a look, they knew what pubic hair looked like.

Back to Parkway Intermediate:

At the end of their little talk, that went all afternoon, the imported tutors said “If you have any questions wait here and we’ll answer them.”

There’s our queue, we’ve been waiting all afternoon for this moment, to ask our questions. We agreed that we both put our hands up and the boy who was selected by the imported tutors would be the one to ask the questions. Boys are smart, that was a perfect compromise.

It was like all the girls didn’t hear a bloody thing. Asking about the lining, the egg release, the ovaries, the thinaggmy tubes, there were dozens of them, girls that is. Why did they bother going, don’t they pay attention? I could recite what they were told verbatim almost.

Those imported tutors just didn’t want to let boys ask questions. I had one of them lined up in my sights, I’d made perfect eye contact, she knew I wanted to ask a question, and she picked a girl.

This went on and on and on, with Malcolm too, they would not let us boys ask our questions. It was really frustrating. Totally annoying. Eventually we gave up. So it wasn’t in 1970 we discovered where sperm came from, and how it got into the woman.

There were going to be a few more years of waiting, and if I were fertile, I’d have been a father several times over!

Oestrogen Shortage in XXY Males

XXY teenagers sometimes grow very tall because they have insufficient oestrogen.

So even if your XXY son is taking testosterone, if it doesn’t increase at a steady rate like it does in XY boys, he may grow to be very tall anyway.

You might not know this but the testes convert some of the testosterone they produce directly themselves into oestrogen. Oestrogen is also produced in fat and in muscle, but the testes do the most converting.

If the testes are diseased they will not produce sufficient testosterone, there will be less conversion to oestrogen, and it is oestrogen that causes the long bones to stop growing. That is why females are generally shorter than males, they have more oestrogen earlier and their epiphyses (the ends of the bones, where they grow from) stop growing. Females have their growth spurt at the start of puberty and males at the end of puberty, for a very good reason.

It takes time for the testes to produce sufficient testosterone to be converted at sufficient rate to cause boys’ long bones to stop growing. XXY boys are then at risk of growing excessively tall because of a disease in their testes called Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis.

It may be appropriate to give XXY boys additional oestrogen as well as testosterone especially if they don’t have much fat or muscle?

Ask your sons’ doctor to think about this.

DSD Debates…….2012 in Review

I was popping by YouTube yesterday (14/12/12) looking for a particular video, finding it I discovered a series of nasty comments by a miserable moron. Of course I’m never going to be polite about that fool who lies about everything, and anything. I think he sees truth as something that can be manipulated, rather than something that he can actually speak, or type, or think. So I replied, why not, it’s not like he can receive the information as it was said, or remember a single nasty thing he ever did, or if he can see it as nasty, that’s how screwed up his brain is.

Why are there so few normal people involved in the DSD debates? Normal people with normal everyday type accounts of their relatively normal lives? Transsexual people want to come up with outrageous stories of how they came to be, as if the weirdness of Transsexualism isn’t enough! I am certain no normal person can understand why someone born with perfectly normal looking genitals can have them reconstituted to something completely different, like would you? It’s one thing to accept that transsexuals are there, even be friends with them, but it’s something entirely different to understand why they do what they do. In my opinion.

There are people with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), a very hard to understand DSD that involves over expression prenatally of adrenal hormones, in various different ways. Most males and females with CAH have no ambiguity of their genitalia and cannot be described with any words that suggests they do. It is just as ridiculous for people with CAH and ambiguity of their genitalia to say all people with CAH are the same as them, as it is for all the CAH people with no ambiguity to say all with CAH are like them. Oh and the over expression of adrenal hormones continues in post-natal life, and can be life threatening. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia is a very serious disease.

Then there’s the sex chromosome abnormalities, and diseases under the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) umbrella. These people are females mostly, have XY sex chromosomes, are infertile. Strangely, it’s just really weird, these people do not grow up thinking they’re really male. Why is it that way, why are AIS women so normal compared to some other SCA’s where the owners are so abnormal, thinking the weirdest things about their sex, when a damn near blind man on a speeding steed, glimpses them pissing behind a tree can see they’re male, but they can’t, and they’re not Transsexuals, they’re XXY guys! And do you know women with Turner syndrome (X0) can just as easily have a missing Y chromosome as a missing X, but they can see the reality of their sex, just by looking, unlike some XXY guys who seem to suffer ‘genital blindness.’ Or is that just plain ‘bloody mindedness?’

That video I mentioned to start with, it seems to have changed! I know my memory is shocking so it may not have? Then again, it is about XXY/KS and surprisingly my memory of those matters is keyed in permanently to remembering. So the videos description no longer mentions Chris Somers, the XXY guy who claims to have ovaries. I need proof of that, that’s so unusual, really really weird. When I first saw him on an Australian documentary programme he was talking about having Klinefelter’s syndrome, he had a really long beard – so he must have been taking testosterone therapy – and he was grizzling about how his fiancee had recently left him because he was infertile. What a bastard, 2 ovaries and 2 testes and none of them function! Of course I don’t believe he’s got any ovaries, his hormone therapy would definitely screw them over!

So the video doesn’t mention him anymore in the description, I guess it’s easier to distance himself from his real testes that he describes in that video, than it is to distance himself from his imaginary ovaries that he refers to in his thesis. There are just so many weird people in the DSD debates! What I really ought to do is go to Antarctica myself and plant a New Zealand flag on behalf of all Australians, that’ll get their hackles up. How dare I assume to represent all Australians without even asking, and with a New Zealand flag of all things! But that’s what Chris Somers did, claiming to represent all XXY people he planted his flag that represents himself, on behalf all XXY’s without asking. What a feat to travel to Antarctica, what a waste of effort to do so representing people he doesn’t even know. How presumptuous!

And all these funny people who don’t know what sex they are get involved in support organisations that assist people who really do have genuine concerns about their sex, but refuse to acknowledge they do have any medical condition at all. They think in their weird minds that what their illness causes is a natural representation of human. They definitely do not like the idea that the medical profession has labelled them as having a disease, even though they do have a disease and can’t be with the label they prefer without a disease. Their chosen label is as indicative of disease as any other label, so why bitch and moan about the label?

Then when the stories of all the leaders of these support groups are examined for accuracy or truthfulness, they all come up short. It’s just amazing how they expect greater protection from discrimination, and lie to obtain it. I fail to see how someone born with CAH or AIS, two completely different medical conditions, can equally be discriminated against? How can they be discriminated against at all, I’m buggered of I know, and I have asked, and apart from their medical conditions not being mentioned in legislation, there is no way they can be discriminated against. Their claims are all hot air, smoke and mirrors, and total untruths. Their female Chairperson at the moment made a YouTube video declaring she went to a gynecologist, pardon? A gynecologist, why does a woman go to see a gynecologist if she’s not sick? And the discussion was about a feature of her body, her genitals. The current chairperson of this group has a medical condition that requires ongoing medical care that affects the presentation of her genitals, which is NORMAL, yeah right! The only people who require ongoing medical care throughout their lives are those with chronic conditions.

Mani Mitchell’s an interesting person. She’s from New Zealand, and she even came to one of our AGM’s once. I invited her. She came along, met all the guys briefly, then after her talk she had to go. Were there just too many normal people there, she does seem to want to hang around with some pretty weird people. I’ve never heard of her talking about the XXY and XY/XXY and XXXY and XXYY guys she met in person, but often refers to the one XXY guy she discovered in San Francisco, he’s special, we’re not! From my understanding we did have 2 gay guys there at our AGM, and they all described themselves as men, and boys, you know males basically. Does Mani just not want to admit that most XXY guys see themselves as they really are, male? And Mani, back then she had no facial hair like she does now. I guess she’s metamorphosing to be a better fit to the world of the outwardly unusual? I did ask Mani what condition she had that caused her to originally at birth be thought of as male, and then had her sex changed to female, but she side stepped the question.

Mani didn’t report having had any surgery until 2002, prior to then her sex was changed after 1 year of being assigned male, on paper. As time has progressed she has let more information come to light. In one account she says her mother was told at her birth “Oh my god it’s a Hermaphrodite” but I’m tending away from believing that account as there’s no reason for her to have been assigned male, then a year later changed to female, from Hermaphroditism. Immediate investigations would have taken place, and there’d be no year of waiting. In the above video Mani claims to have had sex changing surgery at age 8, which kind of throws her other statements about herself into doubt. If a child is a hermaphrodite, known at birth, sent home for a whole year, then her sex is reassigned female, then 7 years later surgery is performed, come on, give the truth a break! To me it makes no sense at all.

Most of the stuff she talks about now she knew in 1993/4 whenever our AGM was, but refused to talk about it. I think there’s a certain amount of fabrication going on here, and with nobody to verify her new account as both her parents are dead, it would be easy to fashion a few things to fit, here and there. I have no doubt she was born with masculinised genitalia, but she was no hermaphrodite as hermaphroditism is, and was then, a bona fide medical condition that would have attracted a great deal of investigation, and sex would have been accurately assigned soon after birth, and if surgery was required it would gave been performed then. The mistake of course was that she was lied to for years about the truth of her birth, well that was her original story anyway. Then she only discovered later in life, about age 40, that she was originally called Bruce. I don’t know what her karyotype is, she’s never mentioned it, and I have no idea if she fertile or not.

And my story, it’s online, it never changes, the past can’t be undone, and it can’t be reinvented either. Truth is truth. There are a few things I don’t have records of as the records were destroyed before I was old enough to obtain them on my own account, which is a drag! But I press on, doing my best to inform people of truths about XXY guys and Klinefelter’s syndrome, that most of them seem to suffer from, in varying degrees. And here is my latest video detailing what anybody can expect to see in any male person, in his mid 50’s. I make no presences at all, I look, sound and are male. Those who have problems with how XXY males really are should go and see themselves a psychiatrist to acquire acceptance. A real XXY guy, all male, nothing inter about my sex.