If you’re going to talk about me!

The previous post was going to get awfully long, so I had to make a cut off point. Michael Noble really is quite confused over the disease he’s treated successfully for. Klinefelter’s syndrome is the symptoms of that disease, and as such is not an intersex condition. Intersex is about presentation of genitalia at birth, and every baby boy has small genitals, because they’re babies. Everything else about a baby is small. If baby boys had adult size genitals there’d be a real problem, the kid would be genuinely sick!

This is the information I believed in 2000, but I continuously update my knowledge and Noble never does.

“Tucker (that’s me) (IFAS 2000) clarifies the position of the NZKA by stating that anyone
with Klinefelter Syndrome cannot be intersex, simply because only males can have Klinefelter Syndrome. He explains that:
those males born XXY, XXYY, XXXY, XXXXY and mosaic forms of these,
can go on to develop the disease Klinefelter Syndrome, but many of them
won’t. They will simply have or preferably, BE, whatever karyotype they
have (IFAS 2000, p.2).”

However I have now clarified my information even further, I now say “Klinefelter’s syndrome is the symptoms of disease, not a disease in itself.” An opinion which is derived from this 1958 report on Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis in male twins, the endocrine disease Dr Klinefelter et al (and others) originally described in 1942. Dr Klinefelter was correct, the symptoms he described were, and are, endocrinal in nature, and of course ONLY males can get it. It is not intersex!

Then our less than intelligent Australian XXY man Noble states:

“Consequently, it appears that a chromosomal variation has been completely transformed into an endocrinal condition that can be cured or, at the very least, concealed and thus rendered invisible, while the extra sex chromosome seems to have mysteriously disappeared!”
Representations of Klinefelter Syndrome – © 2010 Michael Noble Revised version (unpublished) page 14

Well this is the problem isn’t it Mr Noble, working what is of importance, the symptoms of disease, or the additional genetic material, and what should be first? So is the additional genetic material caused by the symptoms of disease, or are the symptoms of disease caused by the additional genetic material? And why is there such variability in individuals? Why do not all XXY men have the classic symptoms Dr Klinefelter described?

And where were these men by the way Mr Noble, they were at a hypogonadism clinic for males, run by Dr Fuller Albright. Do you think Dr Fuller Albright can tell the difference between a man and a woman Mr Noble? When was the last time you looked between your legs Mr Noble? Between my legs this is what I look like (god I’m proud)

Intersex, really, how blind are you?

Intersex, really, how blind are you?

Do I really make the additional X disappear? I’m such a clever clogs! It’s a bit complicated but I’m sure a person with a Degree in Creative Writing can follow along.

The additional X is inactivated. It’s called X inactivation. Kind of makes sense really doesn’t it! So as it’s inactivated why do XXY men invariably have fertility issues, hypogonadism issues, and educational issues? Oh and if sexual orientation is related to sex chromosomes a why aren’t all XXY men and boys homosexual, and why are some XY men and boys homosexual?

Barr Bodies

I want to you to study the Barr body of the XXY man, in that link above. I want you to compare it to the Barr body in the XX female person. I want you to notice the XXY man’s Barr body is visibly smaller than the female’s Barr body. Genetically speaking we are not like females at all, based on this evidence, we’re much more like XY males with a Barr body, which is exactly what we are, MALES with a Barr body, and forget about the larger Barr bodies of the others, they have many more than merely 2 X chromosomes.

A theory I have read suggests that the additional X is not completely inactivated, that there are genes in the body of the additional X that escape inactivation. As the Barr body represents the inactivated X a smaller Barr body suggests more genes are active on that inactivated X, why I mention the size of it. Since it is likely that not all XXY males have the same set of additional genes present, that could account for the variability of effect in individual XXY males?

Another theory I have read suggests that there is skewed X inactivation in XXY males, actually that’s no longer a theory, it’s a fact. Females have random X inactivation, and since we all are invariably infertile, this non random or skewed inactivation could be the cause of our infertility, and could also be responsible for our variability of other problems too?

Now you can bury your head in the sand for as long as you like Mr Noble, you can write as much crap as you want, you can pretend your Degree in Creative Writing affords you knowledge in matters you have no education in. You can also get off your arse and do something useful with your life too! Tall Poppies like me attract little shits like you. What else do you have to do but attempt to justify your sexual choices with wobbly genetics and accusations of religious bias?

Unbeknown to you the world of genetic research continues. What you think is true in terms of XXY research, and what is true, is a chasm apart. You just don’t know what you’re talking about. You seem to want to forget you have 44 unique autosomes, with your 3 unique sex chromosomes. Why do you presume to have the exact same genes on your inactivated X functioning, as I or any other XXY man has? We are not all the same, not genetically speaking, and we never will be.

Now go away and write something educated. You know, try hard!

Graeme Tucker
47 XXY for LIFE.

I’ve been Thinking

For as long as I can recall I’ve been thinking.

Thinking is the thing I do the most of.

I read, you know that? I read. I reckon I read more than people who red novels for entertainment. I read more than scriptwriters, more than actors, more than newspaper reporters, more than politicians, more than librarians.

Trouble it they read something new every day, and I read the same thing over and over again.

Mr Forde taught me that. How to read and understand. With my short term memory, ahhh what short term memory? I don’t think I have one of those! I liken ‘short term memory’ to RAM ‘random access memory’ in a computer. My RAM is defunct! It’s always been defunct. I start a line of text, say a sentence, and by the time I get to the end of it, I’d forgotten what the start was. I do that today too, every day’s the same.

My ROM is pretty good, ‘read only memory.’ in a computer. I can’t rely on my RAM, I have to get all information into ROM as quickly as possible, and there’s only 1 way to do that, read the same thing over and over again.

I read really technical research about Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy.

Most people don’t even know what Aneuploidy means. Not only did I have to work out what it means, but also how to say it. Some medical terms are really complicated. I know why medical researchers and doctors do that, in medicine words have specific meaning, so that anybody reading it, who knows the language, can have an exact understanding of what is being discussed. There is no room for colloquial misunderstandings, they are eliminated by the language.

I know the meanings of words I can’t say. I’ve never heard anybody say them and I have nothing to mimic.

Whenever I think I know how a word is said, then I hear another pronunciation I say it both ways, frequently, in the hope that one of them is right. Such as dys-gen-e-sis or is it dys-gene-sis? I don’t know! I’ve been thinking about that one for a while now, like I say, I’ve been thinking.

I don’t know of any books that teach people to read who have no short term memory. It really doesn’t matter how long a sentence is in that case, I’m going to forget it anyway. So over and over again I go, over and over again. That’s how I learn. It takes ages!

For you to do it you have to be bloody dedicated. I am actually talking to you the reader here, that’s why I used the word ‘you’ as it has specific meaning, which isn’t ‘I!’ I already know I’m dedicated.

So with mathematics my teachers just gave up teaching me too early, they needed to go over and over and over again until I got it, but they didn’t. I had to learn that language that I didn’t understand in the same time as people with a normal short term memory. A language that isn’t discussed on a daily basis by everybody. It wasn’t discussed in my home, well where I lived, put it that way.

And science is a language too, but it uses English, mostly, to teach it’s principles. I’m not supposed to start sentences with ‘and’ it’s bad grammar, apparently? But that’s my style, you’ll just have to get used to it. I’m not supposed to start a sentence with ‘but’ either, for the same reason.

[Take a deep breath now.]

I’ve been thinking, I do a lot of thinking. Thinking is the thing I do the most. Many XXY guys have a non existent short term memory.

Why is that?

Many XXY guys don’t like reading because of their non existent short term memory.

Why is that?

Why is it that as we all have the same additional chromosome that we’re affected by it differently or similarly?

There is not one single aspect of having that additional X that is uniform across everybody who has it, not even infertility! There is actually 1 XXY guy I know of who is naturally fertile, and does not have any hypogonadism disease. As there is 1, there must be more I’m thinking.

It seems to me this extra X isn’t the problem. It has the problem on it. Chromosomes have genes. Most of the additional X is inactivated. For all people with more than 1 X, only 1 X is completely active.

Got any clues?